About a Mow


This Mow is arguably odd. My name is Maryanne enjoy weird things in life and I occasionally rant about something that I will randomly feel very strongly about. But overall, I enjoy centering on the amusing aspects of life and social interaction. When there’s the occasion where I am not sure how I feel about a social interaction, I tend to seek the other Mow for insight. She is a wise Mow.

Ten things I cannot live without: 

1. Water. I think it’s important to have around. My body gets very upset when it’s dehydrated.

2. My cat. She is fat and when I am not near her I long for her loud and obnoxious company.

3. Other Mow. Invaluable friend, I cannot imagine a life without her influence.

4. Hotdogs.

5. Spontaneous adventures. There’s nothing more thrilling.

6. Inside jokes.

7. A good story.

8. Indoor plumbing.

9. Cappuccino foam.

10. I’ll be sentimental and say family. I love my weird weird family.

I am very excited to be a part of this blog with my fellow Mow and I look forward to the posts we will create! I will be planning to take on posting Mondays, and will commit to any punishment that comes my way if I fail to do this. May the blogging begin!


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