Who am I? Well my name is Chelsea and I am a strange blend of creativity and practicality. I am jagged and sharp and never tread lightly. I am one of the halves of Mow and Mow. I am 22 years old and live in the lovely state of California. I start graduate school in August and until then I am doing a whole lot of nothing. It will be easier to show you who I am once I give you my ten things that make me, me!
Post Date: Friday
1. Movies. I love movies. I don’t love all movies and I am a critic, if you liked it I probably hated it. For me moving watching is about getting away for a couple of hours where stress and daily troubles can’t find me because I am immersed into the beauty of film. It is also about finding a pearl in a sea of stinky oysters.  My favorite movie going partner is my boyfriend, Chris and that is where a good portion of our finances go. Get me a bag of popcorn and we are golden

2. Reading. I suppose this isnt doing a great job of describing me given that I am picking all of my personal escapes, but I suppose that has a lot to say about me. I love fiction, anything fiction. From Fantasy to elizabethan classics. I love them all for different reasons, and I love the way a good book makes me feel. It challenges me to revisit my world veiw

3. Writing. Something that helps me process all of my angst. It teaches me about myself and other people. It is something that helps me feel good about myself and it gives me an outlet for all my creativity. People don’t peg me as creative due to my assertiveness and it has been a vehicle for me to express my multiple dimensions. (I am just sooo deep) but yeah!

4. Driving in my car. I am a proud subaru driver and a very proud former volvo driver. My favorite moments have been in my car, from singing loudly with the windows down. In my car I have let out warrior cries on my rough days. I am always the first to volunteer to drive, unless it’s at night because I’m practically blind.

5. My morning cup of coffee. I have gone on many diets and stints to lose weight but my morning coffee is excluded from calorie counting. All my mornings are filled with a warm cup of coffee doused in vanilla creamer. It is a warm hug that doesn’t violate my personal space.

6. Fitness. I may fluctuate my weight more than Oprah but I love fitness. It awakens my viking blood and makes me feel a sense of pride that is simply unique to any other feeling. It makes me feel in control of my life which is really my prime source of comfort.

7. Spirituality. My faith and belief systems have changed throughout the years. I don’t know who or what exactly I pray to but I do daily. I have found my way into a metaphysical approach. It has brought me inner peace while my outside remains my rigid self.

8.My Pillow. I have a tempurpedic pillow that might be my soulmate. I am not a good sleeper. I’m just not but with my pillow beneath my head I can feel pretty darn comfy.

9.Friends. I know how cliche that sounds but its true. I am the type of person that only has an inner circle. I only like friendships with people who do not exhaust me. I like equal relationships where everyone puts in the same amount of effort. I don’t do freeloaders.

10. Mojitos. Nothing brings life to my life like a refreshing mojito. There really isn’t much more to say.


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