What I love about Maryanne.

hotdogHerroh Mern! Suhprizeeee my post is about you! And all the things I most adore…about you.  I am also going to try to bring forth photo evidence.

I love that you are so comically weird. Shamlessly outlandish.

I love that you say exactly what your thinking without wasting time on finesse.
I love that you are strong and endure despite full realization of how truly strong you are.
I love that you laugh at almost all my dumb jokes.

I love that you cant paraphrase to save you life.

I love that you find beauty in the most ugly and broken things.

I love that you love making people uncomfortable because its funny.

Lastly its pretty sweet that we are pretty awesome pretty cool friends.


Sorry it was kind of short but this is what I felt like doing for mine!

With an awkward smile and an uncomfortable smile,


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