Humor at its Finest


Upon being encouraged by friends to perform some high quality comedy, I found myself on a Tuesday night at a lovely establishment that allows the public to come in and try their hand at being funny. I was warned it was going to be a tough crowd. The crowd was mostly comprised of other performers, so toughness was not surprising.

My friends and I then watched these performers say things that made me worry for their legal stances in life. But I suppose that’s what comedy is for: saying things that no one else is willing to admit in public. Some of the comedians got some good laughs out of me, others made me feel uncomfortable.

Regardless, I was nervous. I was sweating. So to gain the confidence to perform I definitely drank. Five minutes of fame, I spoke of my awkward encounters I’ve had along the trail of job hunting. I also spoke of my awkward encounters involving different religions. It was fun, it was weird, and it was healthy. I recommend everyone make themselves look like a fool for five minutes on a public stage. Could be a stage in a little bar on the edge of town, or it could be a large stage in front of the school – just go make a fool of yourself. Unless you’re the president, perhaps that wouldn’t be the best course of action for you.

I had maybe two giggles from the crowd that wasn’t a part of my friend group, I would say that is some solid success. If you want to watch me make a fool of myself, the YouTube video exists here:

Also, Chelsea Mow your post brought me tears it touched me so much! I couldn’t imagine a life without my other Mow! I look forward to your post on Friday!


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