Let Me Tell You A Poorly Told Story

dancing chelso

There once was a beautiful, courageous and cunning gal named Chelsea who befriended a ridiculous person named Maryanne. Through this friendship Chelsea changed Maryanne’s worldview and let her run wild. She even offered to let her sit in the desert to stare and feel some sort of life fulfillment out of it.

Chelsea lived, heart filled with glory, wielding incomprehensible skills in crafting the perfect gluten-less apple pie. Much like her apple pie, her words were full of flavor and struck you to your soul. So she marched forth, taking out problems one by one with her random pockets of knowledge and fierce humor.

In conclusion, Chelsea stole all of our hearts in one way or another. (The End)

Chelsea you’re wonderful, this was my attempt to describe the ways in which you are. You are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, with some of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard. I won’t even bother trying to put any of them into words because I would paraphrase them into garbage.

You’re brave and talented and protective of the people you love. And I think you’re awesome for always expressing how you feel about something. You are always able to cut through the chaos and crap of a situation, and I cannot count the times that I am envious of your clarity in which you see the world.

I’m lucky to know someone like you! Also sorry for the short post. I look forward to seeing your post this week!


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