Fashion Show

Hello Chelsea!!

In the summer heat, you have to find things to do inside. Recently there was a cat fashion show in town, showing off the most recent names in fashion. The Cat’s Meow was an incredible show with lots of talent and style that really took my breath away. I attended this event and decided to blog about the experience and the styles I got to behold. A great way to beat the heat and be entertained!


This was from the out-of-season line, a sneak peek to the cozy sweater season look. Hard to not sweat just looking at it in this weather! But regardless, very comfy looking. This piece has a very nice accentuating neck line. The inlaid designs were quaint and tasteful. A very soft masculine look for in the fall!


This piece was for the swimsuit portion of the show. What a great look for summer! The ruffles and cut really added to a pear-shaped body. Emphasizes the torso to take away from the hips. Very fun and whimsical.


What a fun look for the corporate jockey. A suit-jacket and button down ensemble with a little bit of flare. Masculine boxy appeal with electric fish scale placement. The pink pin-stripes of the button down bring out the black bold lines of the jacket. Really spice things up in the office to get work done and look fabulous too!


Ooooo couture! With a delightful mix of formal and sassy, this ensemble really caught my eye. It’s like bringing whimsical to the office in a refined way. I could easily see this in a managerial office or a ball dance floor. The lines were very good and I was very impressed with the bold choice in light pink. A great look for summer.


Last but not least, they showed their special runway talent displaying the new and chic rain jacket. Ready for monsoons, the iridescent fabric brings out this summer attitude but still keeps you fashionably dry! The cut arm sleeves are great for keeping it cool and the outfit looks like it was aimed with comfort in mind. Definitely my favorite from the show.

I was very impressed with the quality of this show and will absolutely attend again if they are ever in town. I hope you enjoyed this review of fashion! I apologize for late posting and will embrace the punishment! I also look forward to seeing you soon Chelsea Mow!! I’m ready to go have fun with you.


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