“Can I look through your purse??”

Upon your request, I’m going to go through my purse today too! I loved your purse post Chelsea, it got me deep. I remember asking you this when I first met you because I loved watching what’s-in-your-purse videos online at the time. It’s like peering into someone’s soul in a bizarre way. Your soul has a fork in it haha.

I’m also going to try to stay true to the reality and just give you the whole of what is stashed in my black hole. Normally I like to go through my purse once a week and get rid of the random garbage that finds its way in there. However, I’ve been traveling and have had no time or mind to do it so you get to see Maryanne’s travel purse state.

Let’s also start with the purse itself. This purse was yours at one point in time and you graced me with the opportunity to use it. It’s beautiful and I love it. It’s large and I can stuff most anything in it, and it has a glorious owl on the front that stares. I also washed in before I left home, so it’s all clean and ready to stare at the world.



Inside this glorious purse the main event is my wallet as well. I do not love this wallet as much as you love yours. I bought it out of a need for a wallet with a zipper and I enjoy stripes and blue. However, I’ve been eager to replace it but have yet to find something more suitable for me. I took out all of the extra receipts and change that usually litter it – before the trip. So this is a poor representation of what it usually looks like. I kind of feel like I have cleaned my house and did my makeup before a guest came over and then casually pretended like that is what it is always like. No, this is a very very poor representation. Normally I can’t even zip my wallet back up without it snagging and ripping five or six shredded receipts.

image image

Next we have the heap of garbage that is in the middle of my purse.


Starting on the left, we have my usual things, such as chapstick, headphones, hand sanitizer, and hair pins/ties. Those are the more obvious items to have in a purse, along with pocket tissues (the blue thing with a bee on it), little baggy pharmaceutical station (where I keep all my aspirins and allergy medicine), and external battery (the teal and pink bar next to the pink baggy with the wires for the external battery, which I never charge so it’s kind of just dead weight). These are the things I usually keep in my purse. The traveling has brought in the sunscreen, the bag of peanuts in case I’m hungry, the little polka dot bag that has my tampons in it (as to attempt to be discreet as I rush off to the bathroom with little bag in hand), jewelry to wear at my grandma’s memorial, and the black tights all rolled up (ready to help out in a leg emergency). In the bottom left corner there’s all the things I acquired during her memorial (yes, that is a bottle of her. Alongside it are pamphlets from the memorial, pens she used to buy from a catalog and send out to all the relatives, and little trinkets she used to collect from the shore).

image image

On the right there is my hotel room key, a camera I haven’t used this entire trip (despite charging it and prepping it before I came), a couple of napkins, sunglasses, a massive water bottle (I like to stay hydrated), a notebook with a fancy pen that Chelsea made fun of me for buying, and my kindle. Normally there would have been a lot more garbage at the bottom of my bag and random change, but that’s been cleared out before I went on the move. If I were to assess my personality from looking at the insides of my bag, I would think I’m a paranoid person that feels the need to prepare for anything haha.

I hope you enjoy this purse-tour at least a fraction of the amount in which I enjoyed yours. I also hope your week has been lovely miss Chelso Mow and I look forward to your next post! When I return there will be a punishment that I will attend to.


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