C is for Chelso

imageI am among the few who love their jigsaw puzzles. Found this gem the other day at the exchange shop, and it reminded me of how you found the “G is for Golf” puzzle. The best part is these cheesy puzzles aren’t even bad mysteries. They’re amazing and well written and a lot of fun, so my entire body tingled with delight when I found this and I’m pumped to play it with my dad for his birthday.

I also wanted this picture up because I want to mention how excited I’ve become with the promise of cappuccino foam from the gods in my future. I am looking forward to this adventure greatly.

In addition, I joined the unholy Pinterest because I realized I have no understanding of home decor and what I like. I feel like I always change things in my living space and then get frustrated with the end results. This might stem from the lack of any knowledge I have on the subject.

I’ve also started to wash my face twice now. I’m very surprised by the change already. My face is so grateful.

I’m sorry this post will be a bit short and rambly this week. But I will make up for it when things are no longer on the go.


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