I’ve been on the go this past week being in super aunt mode. And let me tell you it’s been a chaotic joy. This week is also about to come to an end and I will be sad to leave this crowd.

During my stay many things have been accomplished. I helped one of my nephews finish a 300 piece puzzle with four pieces missing. I was chased around by a boy who once again found the box more entertaining than the toy that was inside of it. I got to help host a 6 year old’s birthday party where masses of children and myself jumped, and then struggled out of, a giant foam pit at a gym.

When the house got too filled with relatives from out of town, I found my home in the backyard in a tent. In this tent I woke up to: cicada shells on the outside, rain, heat, firecrackers being set off at eleven on a Saturday night, little boys in the morning joining me in the tent with their plastic wrenches, and to squirrels smacking their lips.

I groomed my sisters cat of all its dreadlocks, and was also given a gorgeous new tea pot. I went for a day to the museum and saw a replica of a fish that has its penis on its forehead. I also saw a ton of dinosaur bones and had to leave the dinosaur section when I got frustrated with old men who were boastfully pointing out velociraptor bones when they were not velociraptor bones. I also paid more for a 3d movie about dinosaurs from the museum and promptly missed the time I was meant to go by 2 hours.

I got to build a Star Wars Lego set for my nephews because neither of them are old enough to understand instruction diagrams. My oldest nephew made a lemonade stand and made a surprinsingly good amount of money from.

I’ve tackled on the role of aunt and I’ve been wearing it proudly. But it has certainly made me weary from keeping up with them. I look forward to seeing your post chelso mow!


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