imageDearest Chelso Mow,

I have been the literal worst. I can only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive this Mow in time. The punishment has not been forgotten! It will be paid. By this I swear.

Chelso, visiting you was incredible. It was the 2nd time in my life that I purchased plane tickets that did not involve family or an event that needed attended. It was done for joy and joy it delivered. That beach day was a day to remember! I also loved being able to see Chelsea in her natural environment, witness the stomping grounds with my own eyes. I also disagree with the lack of theme, because I felt there was a solid amount of off-beat. The Dairy was awesome and amusing. Goats! Horses! Possums! Your backyard mountains weren’t too shabby either. The weather was perfect, the cappuccinos your promised nearly did touch heaven themselves, and the pools to sneak into are exquisite. It was a great weekend you let me bombard on.

Also recently, I haven been chewing a lot of “5” gum, and it’s rather refreshing. One of my weird worries is the off chance that my breath smells bad and that I’m subjecting someone else to it. So I like to keep him around, and this recent gum has truth or dare questions on the individual wrappers. I decided that this post is going to be filled with riveting truths that I’ve collected over the past week. Partially because all of the dares involve Vine, Instagram and Twitter.

“Tweet on Twitter a time you’ve tested your limits.”

  • I do not use my Twitter really other than to troll, but I tested my limits one or two times attempting to stay up two days in a row during college finals.

“What do you never want your parents to find in your room?”

  • My ex broke my wall and my bed with his sheer amount of troll strength. I have hidden both from my mother.

“If you had no responsibilities, where would you be right now?”

  • Disneyland. Preferably with a Chelso that also had no responsibility.

“What was your worst fashion disaster as a kid?”

  • As you well know Chelsea, there was an anime/goth obsessed 8th grade version of myself back in the day. This version was bestowed only with the most marvelous mushroom bowl haircut.

“Do you have any piercings your parents don’t know about?”

  • no, this is a creepy question.

“How many times have you lied today? What was the biggest one?”

  • I have not, I haven’t needed to.

“Where did you have the best night or your life? Repeat it.”

  • I couldn’t tell if this was a dare, but it said truth next to it. As long as stupid adventures or evenings are being spent with loved ones, than it belongs in the best pile.

“Have you ever been in love? How many times?”

  • Once, or twice. The rest were bizarre varieties of obsession.

“What’s the most annoying thing people do on planes?”

  • Take forever. Also smell bad.

“Have you ever been cheated on? Did you forgive them?”

  • Technically yes cheated on, and also technically no. But I gave them opportunity to make up for it.

“What’s the weirdest pickup line you’ve ever used?”

  • ‘Don’t make me lick your face.’ I’m not proud of it.

As you can tell, these questions are definitely created for our age group. Very important things were addressed. Kids are so weird these days. I adore you to death Chelsea and if you feel up to picking up a pack of “5” gum I would love to see your truths. I look forward to your post on Friday!!


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