Where in the World is Chelso Chelso


I really love this woman’s face. It creeps me out.

So over the weekend when Aaron saw his parents, they declared that they felt that they didn’t know me well enough. So they proceeded to ask him these questions about me in hopes of knowing more. I found them to be very off the track questions and I hope you are as amused as I was to them.

Would she rather go sky diving or scuba diving?

Aaron picked sky diving for me. I think both would be a mental trip for me. Sky diving has always sounded appealing, but I have a certain fear of jumping off things or having someone push me off a thing. Falling is fine, but the jumping part would mess with me the most. And I am assuming the people don’t have all day to have me look out the plane and think about jumping. Scuba diving would hurt my ears and I hate things under water. But I have snorkled before, and in regards to being able to, I’d probably accept scuba diving more.

If she could have one more gluten meal without any consequence, what would it be?

Aaron wasn’t sure of this one, and I think it would be a massive cinnamon bun, that’s still doughy on the inside and covered in icing. So far I have not found a worthy glutenless replacement, as our attempt at making some failed horribly.

Is she modern or classic?

Aaron said classic, because he tried to imagine me sitting amongst modern furniture and decided he couldn’t see it. I might agree with him. But that’s because I’m not really fond of modern art and I’m an old lady trapped in a young persons body.

Does she like to stay in to watch movies, or go out?

I like to go out because I love love love movie popcorn. I also love their hotdogs.

Would she rather feel like she’s constantly about to sneeze for an entire year, or constantly feel like she had an eyelash in her eye for an entire year if she had to have one or the other.

I chose sneezing. So did Aaron.


So those were the questions they were burning to know. And I laughed really hard at the idea that these would find a pathway into someone’s person. But then I discovered that I really wanted to know other people’s answers to these questions. So dearest Chelso, I would love it if you would also answer these questions for yourself. The gluten one though, I would like to adjust to if you had to have one last glutenous meal before you gave it up for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I look forward to your post!

P.S. – I got the bed I bought from my friend, and Fooby got stuck underneath it. She had to pancake her way out.


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