Bow Chicka Mow Mow


This was the first weekend in a very long time that nothing happened. It’s been a few months now where every weekend has been keeping me busy with a hop here or a hop there. And let me tell you that sometimes it feels so amazing doing absolutely nothing. I got to sit in my pajamas an entire day. Although on Saturday I went to an anime convention, and it was a weird place filled with weird things. I hope Labor Day brought you many subtle delights as well miss Chelso.

What are three things that you find the most beautiful?

Demonstrations of generosity. Like when someone saves a bunch of money and buys their old parents a house, or your Biology teacher decides to share his birthday cream puffs with the whole class instead of saving them for himself later. It’s something beautiful and will never stop touching me. I also find clouds very beautiful. I know everyone thinks clouds are nice, but I have a particular fondness for them. I like drawing them, I like researching them, I like the way light gets lost in them. I like taking pictures of them and convincing myself that I will use the color scheme later to make something similar myself. I just feel like they hold secrets. Elegant, powerful, whimsical secrets. I think the only thing I don’t like is having to fly through them and the plane feels like it’s going to shake apart. However, I’m sure that they would still be beautiful as pieces of plane fell out of them. Lastly, I shall say that I find a steak cooked perfectly to be as gorgeous as a sunset. It gives me chills to think upon it long.

What’s your favorite part of the human face and why?

Sorry to copy you my lovely Chelso mow, but I too love people’s mouths. I love eyes much like everyone else, but mouths (especially weird mouths) intrigue me. If I think an actor or actress has an interesting enough mouth I will try to watch everything that they’re in haha. Like if the person shapes their mouth around words in a weird way or their teeth can always be seen peeking behind their lips when they’re speaking, it piques my interest. Although quickly a mouth can become my least favorite aspect of someone’s face. If someone has bad breath it can ruin my experience around a person if it’s distracting enough.

What do you think would be the hardest for you to give up?

My hair. I’ve always said I would be an ugly chemo patient and I stand by that. I think my head would be a very odd shape and I have too many scars and bumps for visual comfort on my scalp. I could always work a wig, but I love my hair. It is one of the few things I consider attractive about myself so without it I would be frumpy at best.

What is the last thing you drew a picture of?

Toni was talking with me over the messenger at work, and she was just playing with words and she came up with: slug, sluggy, puggy, pug. This made me think of the animorphs covers on books and we were joking about it. But I had nothing to do so I decided to draw the metamorphosis of a slug to a pug. I’ll take a picture for you at some point, I am very proud of this doodle. One of my finest doodles yet.

Upon reading your post, it helped me remember the other questions that Aaron’s family had for me. I was also hoping that I’d get to find out your answers for these as well!

Mountains or beaches.

I picked beaches because I love the water. They also sound so appealing to someone like me who has grown like a little cactus in the desert my whole life.

Running or swimming.

This versus was very hard for me because I genuinely love both so much. I love to swim and be a little otter and I’m attracted to any situation that has water, but I have such a passion for running that it’s hard to just settle with swimming. I told Aaron that I picked swimming, but I wasn’t very comfortable settling with that answer. I’m a far stronger runner than I am a swimmer. So I’d probably have to really go with running.

Coffee or tea.

I’m thinking I have a good guess at which one you’d choose. But this was also a really hard comparison for me because I have a love for both items. I think though, that I’d have to go with tea because I love my damn teacups. Also when my bladder rejects coffee, tea is still there to comfort me in my hunt for caffeine. Also a cup of green tea brings me back to rainy days where I’m wrapped up warm inside.

I know these questions weren’t really questions haha, but I’m still very interested to see what you say to them. Also I found it very hard to answer your questions Chelso since they were genuinely deep questions. I ended up asking myself about what I really like and I’m far too indecisive for that to go quickly. In almost all of my slow time at work I spent thinking about what I found beautiful in the world.

Also, (quick story) I am really bad at geography. Horrible. Like you would probably be offended with me if you knew how bad I truly am at geography. How could a person go so long in their life without knowing these things? It’s been a struggle. However, my job I have now is comprised greatly of geography, and I realized that I needed to improve this gap in my knowledge if I’m going to thrive at all in this environment. I don’t have any access to internet or google of any sort at work though, so I can’t just look up a location of a place easily if there are questions from a customer. I also complained about my lack of knowledge to my dad, and out of the kindness of his giving spirit, he dug me up a world map and gave it to me without me ever having asked him for help. This I thought was a really sweet gesture and put it up today at work. It’s amazing because it has everything. After staring at this thing long enough today I realized that it still had the Soviet Union on it. This thing is from the 80s and is about a decade older than me. I’m hopeful you’ll find this as amusing as I have.

I’m the worst haha.


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