Never Gonna Quiz You Up by Chelsoooo Mow

I felt like taking stupid quizzes and posting my results even if they are terribly inaccurate and stupid. First and foremost the answer to your “questions”.

Mountains or Beaches

Although I pride myself on being a california girl, I align myself with the purple mountain majesties. As much as I love the mystery of the ocean I feel more at home in the mountains. When I go somewhere I prefer to be comfortable, or at least right now a trip to the mountains sounds amazing. Mountains refresh me, and bring me back to nature when beaches stimulate me. Since I am so stressed all the time a trip to the mountains sounds amazing. The beach is usually just for a day and requires so much preparation. Where I could drive up to the afternoon with nothing in hand and leave relaxed and refreshed. 

Running or Swimming.

These are vastly different and I enjoy both but for vastly different reasons. Running wakes up the warrior in me. It makes me feel powerful and I feel connected to my Norse conquering roots. But Swimming relaxes me, and for many reasons as the first “questions” relaxing is something I have been craving lately. Being under water is my favorite feeling. Looking at the water refract and bounce while I am in utter silence is something that I just can’t get anywhere else. So if I must pick at this moment: swimming 

Coffee or Tea.

I have a special place in my heart for tea by my soul is made of coffee. Coffee is the highlight of my day, and puts me in a better mood immediately unless it is terrible coffee. 

Which “Harry Potter” Ghost Are You?

  1. You got: The Bloody Baron

    Your reputation precedes you. To be honest, the name says it all. You are a swashbuckling rogue and are not to be trifled with, in life or in death. Even Peeves bows to your command, and that’s saying something. You secretly have a heart hidden deep away, but only few would dare address you as anything but the Bloody Baron.

  2. Which Condiment Suits Your Personality?

    You got: Mustard

    Sometimes you’re sweet, sometimes you’re sour, and sometimes you’re spicy. You’re a complicated person, and you always keep people guessing. People enjoy your bold personality and clever sense of humor.

  3. This Color Blot Test Will Determine Your Dominant Emotion

    You got: Indecisiveness

    There are instances when you can’t make up your mind. It’s not due to not being able to commit. You just like to be 100% certain of your decisions before you make them. Most of the time, your choices end up being the right ones.

  4. What’s Your Personality?

    You got: Guardian

    You are responsible, sensible, and respect protocol. You’re very frank and honest when you speak, and are known to be quite blunt. You’re all about adhering to tradition, and know that stability and hard work bring good outcomes. You’re a classic leader, and people naturally trust in you.

  5. Can We Guess How Many People You’ve Had Sex With, With These Three Questions?

    You got: 861

    You are a true prize. You’re a master in the language of love and a love machine in your own right.

  6. Which Disney Couple Are You And Your Significant Other?

    You got: Ariel and Eric

    You have a special something with someone who’s different than you and you make it work. Both of you don’t mind the differences and compliment each other’s personalities well. Opposites attract, and your bond is living proof of that.

  7. How Nikola Tesla Are You?

    You checked off 13 out of 29 on this list of Nikola Tesla traits!

    You are pretty damn Nikola Tesla. You are smart, you are creative, and more than a few people have probably asked “What’s the deal with that person?” behind your back. But you embrace your eccentricities, because they have gotten you far in life and you are pretty sure they will continue to do so.

  8. What Kind Of Grandma Will You Be?

    You got: Baker Grandma

    The way to a kid’s heart is through their stomach! You’ve got the best recipes to win over any screaming toddler, which will make your own children resent you for how much more the wee ones love you.

  9. Which Modern Mythological Creature Are You?

    You got: The Giggles

    The Giggles are tiny parasitic organisms that swarm in droves, but are usually invisible to the naked eye. A single Giggle is rare; they move in large packs in a kind of hive-mind. As they move over the host, they dine on microscopic bacteria; there are often so many that this roving buffet causes attacks of laughter in the host that are sometimes inappropriate. Attacks of the giggles are well documented in pop culture. It is believed that the subject of Hozier’s song “Take Me To Church” suffered from a brief affliction of the giggles, and another case is well-documented in the song “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies.

  10. Are You More Lady Gaga Or Madonna?

    You got: Madonna

    You are a material girl living in a material world!

Well that was an epic waste of life. I should rename this post, “Why Buzzfeed should kill itself” but alas I did learn I was George Washington as well as Madonna. So There is some value there. It must be my mustard personality or perhaps the Tesla Baker Grandma getting all fired up. It turns out I’m indecisive but I am positive I have no idea what the hell a giggles is, must be all those std’s I picked up from sleeping with 836 people or whatever.  So yeah I don’t recommend taking these quizzes at all but it would be entertaining to see what stupid things you are. I mean I feel like I learned a lot about myself, like how much I hate internet quizzes. I remember when quizzilla was my life but now, It is just gross. Just Gross Like Ew.

My week went well! Good week for dragons and I am ahead ever so slightly in school so thats cool. I took a couple of tests but Law school is scary because everyone gets F and the teachers don’t even think twice. It’s nuts but we will see how I do. I hope you enjoyed this display of ridiculousness.

Mow Mow Mow

Go Mow in Peace.


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