Another Week Another World Another Title that has nothing to do with what I’m going to write about

Dearest Maryanne Mow,


I loved your post and I can’t help but notice that you were driving west on the 40, which means your subconscious was reaching out to me. I understand the sort of grieving that occurs with an old car. It really is a way to measure units of time. I will never feel as youthful in my new car as I did in the volvo or even my previous subaru. It is an odd sensation when an object manages to keep memories at the forefront of your mind despite everything around you. You will think fondly of your car but new memories await, and a new future is ahead, with new memories waiting to be formed.

I am posting early so not much as happened this week, since I posted I couple days ago. Although I have been eating poorly, and not been working out as much and am terrified to gain any weight. I let myself get stressed and I have let myself feed the stress monster to keep it quiet but I am going to go to the gym and stab the monster instead. I am still recovering from my cold but it has mostly faded into allergies.

I haven’t looked at the planets lately but I think something shifted this week. I have felt more pensive and a little more dark than I had anticipated.

Speaking of planets some of my school friends have been calling me a gypsey because of my astrological habits. I let the leo out of the bag, if you catch my drift, and now they make fun of me, however I guessed both of their signs so the joke is on them. The one I missed was a girl I had barely talked too, and they were pressuring me to guess, I diagnosed her as a capricorn in a panic but alas she was a Libra. Everyone at my school is a Libra. Life is a Joke.

I also did the math and I realized that every week, I easily type 15,000 words a week for homework. I thought that number was kind of insane. I have been killing so many trees. So much paper. I am too lazy to double side it all too.

I do my best to stay ahead in class and I have finished some assignments I ordinarily don’t do until Friday because Chris and I are going to San Diego on Saturday for our anniversary. I am not sure what we will do but I am doing my best to do all my work so I can actually allow myself to have a good time. I have no idea what we will actually end up doing, but a little adventure in my life shouldn’t kill me.

Currently one of my social problems is that I am afraid that being smiley will make people think I am stupid. I don’t have an evidence as to why this might occur but I guess it is the reason I haven’t spent my life smiling at people.

Also I had my first dose of why people at my school might not be as great as I used to think. I mean I guess I forgot that they were people who talk and are petty. Side note. wordpress just deleted a paragraph for no reason, so I’m mad and it interrupted my story. Anyway one of the males told me that he was talking to the other males, and they are convinced some random girl in our class has fake boobs. I don’t particularly like this girl but I found myself offended on her behalf. I normally don’t get bent by this sort of thing but I was a little horrified. There are so many other things to pick at when it comes to this girl but the men want to know whats attached to her chest cavity. Like I get it, but at the same time I don’t. I don’t think her boobs are ridiculous but she is extremely petite and have boobs that may not be proportionate but I don’t let that occupy my thoughts. I don’t know I was just disgusted at men for a moment which is very unlike me. I guess in this man’s world I have to stick up for my fellow lady.

sorry this wasn’t very exciting but I wasn’t feeling very vivacious. Next week I will try to do something zany.

Much Love from a Huggin Thug ****************************


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