Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

So I had a post I was working on, that I thought it saved as a draft, but I was deceived. My regret is shown in the title of this post. I do indeed feel “Ugh.” I am too mad to write about the same topic, so thanks to wordpress you will never know the wonders of my Thursday Mindset.

I am currently taking a break from studying. There is so much to study it gets overwhelming. I feel oddly calm about the whole thing and have accepted that I will never feel prepared. Although sometimes this turns into an excuse to not study, which is pretty terrible. Scary.

I’m grumpy now that wordpress did me dirty like that.

I watched a creepy youtube video, about “black eyed children” urban myth and I haven’t been able to sleep properly for days. Basically these children come up to you (concealing their eyes with something e.g. a hood) and ask you to help them or give them things. Then they reveal their eyes and try to steal your soul or something, I don’t know the ending is fuzzy. People online have these creepy stories about it. I think my anxiety simply stems from people coming up to me and asking me for things. I hate when people approach me for any reason, especially when they want something, and when they are children, plus being some weird body snatching demon doesn’t help.

So, if you don’t want to sleep at night, look it up.

That’s why I’ve been messaging you so much. Bleh. It didn’t help that I watched all these videos late at night by myself. I don’t ordinarily get creeped out by that sort of thing, but this one got to me.

It makes me mad everytime I look over to the left of the page and it says, “draft saved” I know its lying.

I’m too mad. I’m going to google some images then call it a “post”



Mow to the Moon

Dear Chelso,

I love birthdays. And perhaps your birthday is just for my enjoyment, but I absolutely love that there is a day for you, where your loved ones are probably going to hunt you down and give you things you love to eat. They’re going to give you things that remind them of you and things they think will please you. Among those things, there’s a chance you will genuinely be pleased. I just love that there is a day to celebrate you, especially since you are someone that should be celebrated. So despite the test, I hope you had a lovely birthday Chelso! Thanks for being born and all.

I’m shopping for a new apartment. I’m kind of bummed at the idea of leaving my little home. It makes me emotional, even though we really need it. I’m only somewhat good with changes. I also signed up for a potluck tomorrow, so I will be making twice baked potatoes for work people and probably also my roommate goblins since I am determined to stick to this cleanse. I am trying to cease my McDonald’s monster ways. It is also on my 101 in 1001 (which I have not looked at in a long time), so two cats with one catnip, right?

Also, in one of the smoothie recipes it calls for a frozen, peeled banana. Upon bringing home two batches of bananas for this cleanse, I put one batch (unpeeled) into the freezer thinking little of it. Bad move. In the morning I had weird frozen brown bananas (unpeelable). So I left them on the stove as I dashed to work. I returned to pitch black bananas that are leaking black liquid all over my stove. It was horrible and I just recommend never doing what I did to those poor bananas.

Ive also been practicing my left hand writing in this little book I didn’t find anything worthy to write in until now. I have been trying to collect ideas from people around my office what to put in it, and it’s sad the responses I get sometimes. One guy gave me the plot to Jaws as an idea.

Chelso, I send you warmth and good thoughts. You are incredible and you will continue to be incredible for as long as I know you. This is a tough time and I hope the time of being awful and weird goes away quickly for you. I also hope to post again soon.



The Bloggiest Blog that Ever Bloggity Blogged

Dear Other Mow,

I am trying to get our blog off the ground and into the air of popularity. In order to achieve my goal I typed in “Blog Post” and this lovely website had some super good suggestions on how to be bliggity bloggity famous. This website was the second to pop up (the first had too many flow charts and it grossed me out) so I am going to try some of these ideas out in this post.

1. Review of a physical product 


For my product I am going to review Limited Edition Nectar Febreze.’ve had it for years and it never seems to run out via some sort of Mary Poppins magic. I use it to make my couch not smell like, dirty couches. I It is effective at smelling not like a dirty couch. However, it smells like sweaty feet covered in Hawaiian punch. If you are into that sort of thing then this is for you. 
3/5 stars

11. Create specific, step-by-step how-to posts

     I am going to do a “how to” paragraph on how to procrastinate successfully. 

          Step 1 Figure out when project is due

          Step 2 Wait till the last minute to do it. 

27. Write a Things You Don’t Know About Me post

    Some people wouldn’t know that I have an absurd amount of white tank tops that aren’t really white anymore. Your average person wouldn’t guess that I love the flavor of grapfruit but not actual grapefruit. My favorite insult is troglodyte. 

44. Write about common misconceptions that people outside of your niche community have

A common people outside of my “niche community” which in this case is Law school, is that everyone who gets into law school is smart. 

63. Use analogies to tie your topic to something seemingly unrelated

     Writing this post is like learning Chinese for the sole purpose of talking to a single person, who already knows English. 

Well Maryanne Mow, that was my attempt at making us super famous. I challenge you to try your hand at some nifty blog ideas. Not much has changed since the last time I posted. My life is about to change and I am sure eventually I will get sick of complaining about it.

Thank you so much for my present. I loved it. Especially the little quiz that you took of that weirdo. I am so glad I got a copy. I lol’d and started to think about how self absorbed that weird little man was. Just ew. So much ew.

I can not wait for december to come! it won’t come quick enough! I am also going to start a real diet once Chris leaves. I am on the “Woe is me, I’m going to eat what I want diet”. Maybe we can do a cleanse together next week! I like this idea. Tell me what you think!.


——- Senpai Mow

Birthday Celebrations and a Serious Post

dancing chelso

I am not big on birthdays. I never have been, I realized that I dislike most holidays. I find that people use holidays as an excuse to pretend to be cohesive –whether as a family or a group–. I guess this kind of makes me seem like a “grinch”, but I hate excuses.

I understand that this makes some people happy. It is admissible if it makes you happy, but I am not one of those people. I am a good sport about it, and have accepted that most the time my role in the holidays is to make other people happy.

I think I have just lowered my expectations for the magic of a holidays. Which makes them just your average ordinary day.

I should want to make the most out of everything, I should be that kind of person especially because of Chris’ limited ability to be involved in these days for the next three years. Everyone is still pushing this idea, that I need these extravagant memories to hold onto. I realized I am just not that kind of person, and we do not have that kind of relationship.

If my relationship were dependent upon the memories of spectacular events it would be a romanticized fantasy. A fairytale with plot points and foreshadowing and one climax and eventually a conclusion. The beauty of my relationship is its realness. Its presence in my day to day life that makes each day a little sweeter. My relationship doesn’t hinge on these magical moments or doing “fun” things. It is simply being.

That is why this will be so hard for me. If my relationship was about rose colored fragments of time than Chris going away would be of little change. It would be virtual yet same. The moments of magic would be few so naturally they would have more potency.  Our life is changing from the day to day, to The Day I Get To See Him Next.

Ultimately I am ready for this change and we will power through and learn how much we love each other again, which is something that can be hard to remember after 5 years of constant interaction.

Now for some random thoughts 

Sorry my posts always turn into this topic but ultimately this is the biggest thing happening in my life right now.

School is pretty big to but I am finding my balance and way so it has little extra stress.

My life is always stress so its really just the little extra nuances that drive me nuts.

Thank you for being such a pal throughout this whole thing; it has been a blessing.

I have a test on my birthday tomorrow. Which is gross. Like really gross.  Thank you for all the positivity you have been sending me.

I sat down and thought about all the aquarius people that have liked me and it is really surprising to me that they have also caused me quite a lot of grief.

Hopefully I will have time to do the fun post I wanted to do for you soon!

Much Love from your favorite Hug Thug,

—————————> Chelsea Mow

Dear Chelso


Things are weird on this side of the west. Nothing really weirder than usual, just the average amount. I’ve had a surprising amount of people ask if I’m going to get married anytime soon. But this might just have something to do with the oriental culture of my company though.

So I’ve been practicing my left hand penmanship. Unfortunately, even though it is a lot better than it was previously, it is still very ugly. Most of my hardship recently have been when somebody puts paper in front of me and they expect me to write something. The FedEx man the other day experienced this when he handed me the “to” and “from” form to fill out and I stood there for about 5 painstaking minutes to do it, making sure some mailman somewhere could read it. A coworker of mine is having his first baby and my work threw him a small baby shower. They passed around a card for all of us to sign and write something nice, and my entry looked truly terrible and barely made any sense. I was pretty sure his wife was going to read it later and think he worked with a special needs kind of person. Afterwards, he told me he saw the writing and was convinced I was very nervous while writing it or that I must’ve had really horrible handwriting and he didn’t remember it.

There is also the unfortunate truth of any injury that it is going to be a magnet for getting bashed and smacked around. Plenty of that happening and every single time my brain panics: ” that’s it. Say goodbye to this hand forever.” But that’s just part of the healing process, and I’m having to accept that it’s a high use area so it’s going to take a while to heal.

On the bright side Fooby has lost enough weight where she can lick her own butt again! Although still a butterball, she is a much leaner kitty than she once was. Also good, u am pretty certain a miracle has occurred and I have achieved the sacred yellow dragon! And the other day I mistook a U2 song to say Sleep Like a Baby Toni, when the reality is that my car had cut off the rest of the word Tonight. So I may or may not be losing my mind.

I’m sorry society is really creepy about dating people going into the military. Like somehow that piece of information makes us all go back to the Middle Ages in manners. We all picture the woman standing by the sea staring longingly at the horizon. It’s creepy and I found it creepy and it will only get weirder for a while unfortunately. But I like the idea of you cutting them off before they can get weird on you. Maybe you should do what that girl at the party did to you and if they say anything just look at them without a word and shake your head in a disapproving manner.

I too hope to catch up with my posts/punishment in the near future. I look forward to your next post Chelso!

I Am the Worst

Dear Ms. Mow,

Here are my thoughts:

So I am a very busy but also lazy piece of something unsavory.

I just write so much now it has become a chore, which is bad, since I like writing.

It occurred to me you still have my binder. I need it back soon, i’ve been a part form it for too long.

I wish I had more to report, but I simply don’t.

I have an idea for a post that I need to actualize but laziness keeps kicking in and here I am.

However, I am not afraid of punishments much since you have one heinously over due.

I study all the time, well not really but I study and then I get tired of what I am doing.

I have been updating you on all the petty Facebook drama,

I am still working on my letter but I can’t help but think about how fruitless my efforts are for she is too self absorbed to see fault in her self, so it would be lost on her. My beautiful hate would be completely unappreciated.

It was really weird doing nothing for Halloween this year. I did nothing at all except watch Season Six of the Good Wife. Chris and I drank wine out of sippy cups, while eating ice cream out of the container, with the lovely smell of a midnight pumpkin candle I got on clearance (at Target) lingered in the air. So Romance.

It is frustrating because everyone keeps telling me I need to make memories like Chris. I hate it. You were so right, and I will never stop telling you that. I have also decided that I am ending all this nonsense of people talking to me like Chris is dying as opposed to joining the armed forces. Like I’m done. So on monday I am going to start saying, “I understand that you think you are helping but I honestly don’t want to talk about it, like at all. I appreciate your concern but honestly it is not something I want to spend thinking about, especially while I’m at school.” Well something to that note, When I say it while i’m in the shower it sounds polite but also like “ASK IT AGAIN I F***ING DARE YOU”.

I took a personality quiz that uses pictures as answers and it was interesting. But also stupid. Chris and I chuckled because if you interpret the pictures literally it is complete nonsense. It was made by Europeans so, what do you expect. There was also far too many pictures of washer machines… I don’t get it but whatever. Here is the link:

I am so ready for christmas break. Fun Fact Christmas is in 55 days.

I am going to post again soon and slowly have the proper amount of posts but I hope all is well! I would love to hear a funny anecdote about your work or life with only one thumb!


Best Wishes,


Your Friend,

With Love,


P.S here is some pictures and phrases I typed into Google Images(have fun matching them): “Grapefruit Lollypop Creature Baby” “Sad Insect Guitar” “German Cat Basket” “Sexy House Lizard” “smile tears of hot sauce” “Swiss Workplace Pig” “Maryanne Mobley” “Eggs Sad Walrus”

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