I Am the Worst

Dear Ms. Mow,

Here are my thoughts:

So I am a very busy but also lazy piece of something unsavory.

I just write so much now it has become a chore, which is bad, since I like writing.

It occurred to me you still have my binder. I need it back soon, i’ve been a part form it for too long.

I wish I had more to report, but I simply don’t.

I have an idea for a post that I need to actualize but laziness keeps kicking in and here I am.

However, I am not afraid of punishments much since you have one heinously over due.

I study all the time, well not really but I study and then I get tired of what I am doing.

I have been updating you on all the petty Facebook drama,

I am still working on my letter but I can’t help but think about how fruitless my efforts are for she is too self absorbed to see fault in her self, so it would be lost on her. My beautiful hate would be completely unappreciated.

It was really weird doing nothing for Halloween this year. I did nothing at all except watch Season Six of the Good Wife. Chris and I drank wine out of sippy cups, while eating ice cream out of the container, with the lovely smell of a midnight pumpkin candle I got on clearance (at Target) lingered in the air. So Romance.

It is frustrating because everyone keeps telling me I need to make memories like Chris. I hate it. You were so right, and I will never stop telling you that. I have also decided that I am ending all this nonsense of people talking to me like Chris is dying as opposed to joining the armed forces. Like I’m done. So on monday I am going to start saying, “I understand that you think you are helping but I honestly don’t want to talk about it, like at all. I appreciate your concern but honestly it is not something I want to spend thinking about, especially while I’m at school.” Well something to that note, When I say it while i’m in the shower it sounds polite but also like “ASK IT AGAIN I F***ING DARE YOU”.

I took a personality quiz that uses pictures as answers and it was interesting. But also stupid. Chris and I chuckled because if you interpret the pictures literally it is complete nonsense. It was made by Europeans so, what do you expect. There was also far too many pictures of washer machines… I don’t get it but whatever. Here is the link: http://you.visualdna.com/quiz/whoami#/feedback?utm_source=WAI-picture-VDNA

I am so ready for christmas break. Fun Fact Christmas is in 55 days.

I am going to post again soon and slowly have the proper amount of posts but I hope all is well! I would love to hear a funny anecdote about your work or life with only one thumb!


Best Wishes,


Your Friend,

With Love,


P.S here is some pictures and phrases I typed into Google Images(have fun matching them): “Grapefruit Lollypop Creature Baby” “Sad Insect Guitar” “German Cat Basket” “Sexy House Lizard” “smile tears of hot sauce” “Swiss Workplace Pig” “Maryanne Mobley” “Eggs Sad Walrus”

Unknown images-4 images images-5 images-3 images-2 Unknown-2 images-1 Unknown-1


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