Dear Chelso


Things are weird on this side of the west. Nothing really weirder than usual, just the average amount. I’ve had a surprising amount of people ask if I’m going to get married anytime soon. But this might just have something to do with the oriental culture of my company though.

So I’ve been practicing my left hand penmanship. Unfortunately, even though it is a lot better than it was previously, it is still very ugly. Most of my hardship recently have been when somebody puts paper in front of me and they expect me to write something. The FedEx man the other day experienced this when he handed me the “to” and “from” form to fill out and I stood there for about 5 painstaking minutes to do it, making sure some mailman somewhere could read it. A coworker of mine is having his first baby and my work threw him a small baby shower. They passed around a card for all of us to sign and write something nice, and my entry looked truly terrible and barely made any sense. I was pretty sure his wife was going to read it later and think he worked with a special needs kind of person. Afterwards, he told me he saw the writing and was convinced I was very nervous while writing it or that I must’ve had really horrible handwriting and he didn’t remember it.

There is also the unfortunate truth of any injury that it is going to be a magnet for getting bashed and smacked around. Plenty of that happening and every single time my brain panics: ” that’s it. Say goodbye to this hand forever.” But that’s just part of the healing process, and I’m having to accept that it’s a high use area so it’s going to take a while to heal.

On the bright side Fooby has lost enough weight where she can lick her own butt again! Although still a butterball, she is a much leaner kitty than she once was. Also good, u am pretty certain a miracle has occurred and I have achieved the sacred yellow dragon! And the other day I mistook a U2 song to say Sleep Like a Baby Toni, when the reality is that my car had cut off the rest of the word Tonight. So I may or may not be losing my mind.

I’m sorry society is really creepy about dating people going into the military. Like somehow that piece of information makes us all go back to the Middle Ages in manners. We all picture the woman standing by the sea staring longingly at the horizon. It’s creepy and I found it creepy and it will only get weirder for a while unfortunately. But I like the idea of you cutting them off before they can get weird on you. Maybe you should do what that girl at the party did to you and if they say anything just look at them without a word and shake your head in a disapproving manner.

I too hope to catch up with my posts/punishment in the near future. I look forward to your next post Chelso!


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