The Bloggiest Blog that Ever Bloggity Blogged

Dear Other Mow,

I am trying to get our blog off the ground and into the air of popularity. In order to achieve my goal I typed in “Blog Post” and this lovely website had some super good suggestions on how to be bliggity bloggity famous. This website was the second to pop up (the first had too many flow charts and it grossed me out) so I am going to try some of these ideas out in this post.

1. Review of a physical product 


For my product I am going to review Limited Edition Nectar Febreze.’ve had it for years and it never seems to run out via some sort of Mary Poppins magic. I use it to make my couch not smell like, dirty couches. I It is effective at smelling not like a dirty couch. However, it smells like sweaty feet covered in Hawaiian punch. If you are into that sort of thing then this is for you. 
3/5 stars

11. Create specific, step-by-step how-to posts

     I am going to do a “how to” paragraph on how to procrastinate successfully. 

          Step 1 Figure out when project is due

          Step 2 Wait till the last minute to do it. 

27. Write a Things You Don’t Know About Me post

    Some people wouldn’t know that I have an absurd amount of white tank tops that aren’t really white anymore. Your average person wouldn’t guess that I love the flavor of grapfruit but not actual grapefruit. My favorite insult is troglodyte. 

44. Write about common misconceptions that people outside of your niche community have

A common people outside of my “niche community” which in this case is Law school, is that everyone who gets into law school is smart. 

63. Use analogies to tie your topic to something seemingly unrelated

     Writing this post is like learning Chinese for the sole purpose of talking to a single person, who already knows English. 

Well Maryanne Mow, that was my attempt at making us super famous. I challenge you to try your hand at some nifty blog ideas. Not much has changed since the last time I posted. My life is about to change and I am sure eventually I will get sick of complaining about it.

Thank you so much for my present. I loved it. Especially the little quiz that you took of that weirdo. I am so glad I got a copy. I lol’d and started to think about how self absorbed that weird little man was. Just ew. So much ew.

I can not wait for december to come! it won’t come quick enough! I am also going to start a real diet once Chris leaves. I am on the “Woe is me, I’m going to eat what I want diet”. Maybe we can do a cleanse together next week! I like this idea. Tell me what you think!.


——- Senpai Mow


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