Mow to the Moon

Dear Chelso,

I love birthdays. And perhaps your birthday is just for my enjoyment, but I absolutely love that there is a day for you, where your loved ones are probably going to hunt you down and give you things you love to eat. They’re going to give you things that remind them of you and things they think will please you. Among those things, there’s a chance you will genuinely be pleased. I just love that there is a day to celebrate you, especially since you are someone that should be celebrated. So despite the test, I hope you had a lovely birthday Chelso! Thanks for being born and all.

I’m shopping for a new apartment. I’m kind of bummed at the idea of leaving my little home. It makes me emotional, even though we really need it. I’m only somewhat good with changes. I also signed up for a potluck tomorrow, so I will be making twice baked potatoes for work people and probably also my roommate goblins since I am determined to stick to this cleanse. I am trying to cease my McDonald’s monster ways. It is also on my 101 in 1001 (which I have not looked at in a long time), so two cats with one catnip, right?

Also, in one of the smoothie recipes it calls for a frozen, peeled banana. Upon bringing home two batches of bananas for this cleanse, I put one batch (unpeeled) into the freezer thinking little of it. Bad move. In the morning I had weird frozen brown bananas (unpeelable). So I left them on the stove as I dashed to work. I returned to pitch black bananas that are leaking black liquid all over my stove. It was horrible and I just recommend never doing what I did to those poor bananas.

Ive also been practicing my left hand writing in this little book I didn’t find anything worthy to write in until now. I have been trying to collect ideas from people around my office what to put in it, and it’s sad the responses I get sometimes. One guy gave me the plot to Jaws as an idea.

Chelso, I send you warmth and good thoughts. You are incredible and you will continue to be incredible for as long as I know you. This is a tough time and I hope the time of being awful and weird goes away quickly for you. I also hope to post again soon.




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