Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

So I had a post I was working on, that I thought it saved as a draft, but I was deceived. My regret is shown in the title of this post. I do indeed feel “Ugh.” I am too mad to write about the same topic, so thanks to wordpress you will never know the wonders of my Thursday Mindset.

I am currently taking a break from studying. There is so much to study it gets overwhelming. I feel oddly calm about the whole thing and have accepted that I will never feel prepared. Although sometimes this turns into an excuse to not study, which is pretty terrible. Scary.

I’m grumpy now that wordpress did me dirty like that.

I watched a creepy youtube video, about “black eyed children” urban myth and I haven’t been able to sleep properly for days. Basically these children come up to you (concealing their eyes with something e.g. a hood) and ask you to help them or give them things. Then they reveal their eyes and try to steal your soul or something, I don’t know the ending is fuzzy. People online have these creepy stories about it. I think my anxiety simply stems from people coming up to me and asking me for things. I hate when people approach me for any reason, especially when they want something, and when they are children, plus being some weird body snatching demon doesn’t help.

So, if you don’t want to sleep at night, look it up.

That’s why I’ve been messaging you so much. Bleh. It didn’t help that I watched all these videos late at night by myself. I don’t ordinarily get creeped out by that sort of thing, but this one got to me.

It makes me mad everytime I look over to the left of the page and it says, “draft saved” I know its lying.

I’m too mad. I’m going to google some images then call it a “post”



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