Look Look Look


I finally found a somewhat respectable purse I salvaged from Payless and I love it. I’ve also filled it with things out of excitement, so it is currently way too heavy. It may even qualify for a “what’s in your purse” entry revisit, we will see. I also got a great deal on it while wearing the cat watch, so I hope to have done your grandmas energy proud. It also needs a new band soon, in order to preserve its glory.

My hand showed the first glimmer of real healing today when I accidentally grabbed a couple of things with it, and it did not immediately start hurting. So I have hope things will get better without the need for surgery. Also, I know that I’m a deep down grandma at heart, but I did not know it is an inherent part of my aura. With only just barely meeting me I have found people seek me out for supplies. Today, this guy walked over to a mom in the office for something, then said “oh well, I’ll go ask Maryanne.” He comes over to ask me if I have allergy medicine/pain reliever/$.50 and didn’t ask anyone else. This sort of thing has been happening frequently recently, that if someone needs anything along those lines they come to me or other motherly individuals. I’m starting to be suspicious that it’s a vibe I’m giving off or something. Not that I mind being asked, as it is a part of my grandmother duties. But my curiosity had been piqued as to what impression I must give to be immediately sought for in these scenarios.

This is also around the time of year almost three years ago that Fooby graced my life. Although don’t hold me to the math it’s all been a loving blurr. However, out of inspiration from your cat Christmas poem and for celebration of my favorite cat, I have written a tribute to her in the form of Jingle Bells:

Dashing up to me,

Hopping on hind legs,

“mow” and “mow ” she goes

On and on she begs!

Her meow is hoarse and weird,

Her eyes are huge and wide,

What fun it is to scratch and whine when you feel trapped inside!

Jinge Bells, Kitty smells

She can’t lick her butt,

Oh what fun it is to be a fat, striped, inbred mutt!


I look forward to your next post Chelso and I’ll probably text you after I post this. Bye!


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