Let’s Hum a Hum

(My DRAFT has appeared)

Hello Mowyanne Mowbley,

Panic is starting to set in because it is the holidays, which means celebrations are around the corner. I like a good party especially when it is acceptable to wear an ugly sweater.

The particular event that I am thinking of attending, the one that is also causing me stress, is in celebration of finals coming to close in december. The caveat is that it is a Karaoke bar.

I am not exactly great singer. Like at all. The only person who likes my singing is Chris but he’s tone deaf.

So I have been trying to figure what songs I would even sing. It made me think of an episode of Portlandia, where they hire a singing coach to prepare them for a karaoke party, just for the people before them to steal their song.

I am at a loss. The only song I know al the words too and is sort of in my range is the pokemon theme song.

I don’t like popular music very much so I have no idea what to even do.

What do I with my hands?

Do I dance?

Do I sing loudly?

Do I try to sing good?

Do I pick a song that is a “crowd pleaser”?

Give me any of those tips!

To be in theme with my blog here are some google images comprised of typing: Singing ____


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