I’m the Worst Mow to ever Mow

Dear Ms. Mowbly,

I apologize for this terrible hiatus. I am a bad bad mow. I have reasons (well excuses).

  • I spent the end of the year with my Mr. Mow. Which is a rare and valuable thing.
  • I also got to actually spend a few moments with you!
  • Now school is back in session and my little world is back to chaos.
  • And so many things worth telling you about!

I won’t get to them all in this post. Literally no where even close. I simply wanted to reassure that I haven’t forgotten that this forum exists. I’m still figuring out my schedule but I will get back to my Friday, Schedule.

I honestly don’t know where to even start so I’m going to give you three options for my next entry:

  1. This semester at school
  2. My experience at a drag show
  3. Spiritual Things

I hope your new year is going well!