Valetine’s Mow!



Since the Lovely Maryanne-Mow has taken forever I will not make you wait.

I have absolutely no idea what this blog is going to be about. All my big ideas will surface in a new podcast, which will hopefully be recorded this weekend. So fasten your seatbelts: because we might just leave the driveway.

I figured I would talk about what I have been doing in my free time instead of blogging. I wish I could say I have been living, but in reality I have been staying in my clutter room watching every shitty romance movie on netflix.(Also Valentines Day) Missing Chris, has turned me into the equivalent of that old sad art teacher in elementary school that never found love, who wants to be Katherine Heigel, and thinks every Airbud after the first Airbud are still cute and ok to watch after the age of 8. That was oddly specific. I failed to mention that that strange woman also watches shitty movies.

Since I watch very few romantic movies it took me a while to distinguish between good and bad. I feel like there is a very thin line between “Drama” and”Romance” and also a distinct difference between “Romance”  and  “Romantic Comedy”. But I’m learning.
I found that the few romance movies I liked as a pre-teen are still my favorites. Here is a comprehensive list of all the romance movies I have watched in the past twenty days. I’ll rate them, All of which are available on Netflix.

First My Two Old favorites that are still good:

1. Serendipty
2. Kate and Leopold.

Here are some movies that I hadn’t seen prior that I liked.
3. Stuck in Love
4. Through your eyes

Then there were the ones that I had seen that were lack luster and still are lack luster (but weren’t terrible):

5.  Shall We Dance
6. Hitch
7. Prince and Me

I simply call this category: “Did Not Hate”

  • One Day

Movies I hadn’t seen that were more stupid than not:

  • Down To You
  • The Wedding Date
  • Seeking A friend for the End of the World
  • Jersey Girl

The ones that I could not get past the first 30 seconds of:

  • The Last Five Years
  • Leap Year

Then there were some that made me go WTF, and I watched till the end of the credits:

  • A Teacher

When trying to remember all of the shit I had been watching I experienced the phenomena where Netflix randomly produces even more shit, that didn’t exist 20 minutes ago. 20 minutes ago I was looking for a movie to watch, and there were like 12 options, but now when I’m trying to find things that I had watched it comes up with a million titles.

ANYWAY, that’s what I’ve been doing with my life. Well the fragments on life, the background noise to my life.

Here are some random pictures:



Necessary Change

Dearest Chelso,

It has been a whirlwind year so far already. I’m embracing the new and saying goodbye to the old. Needing to move has been a need on the horizon for a while now, but I’m trying my best. It has been my little nook for a long 5.5 years, and I have gone through many stages of my life within these walls. Much like saying goodbye to my trusty old car, I’ve been feeling very sentimental trying to leave. In order to help the process, I have been working on concentrating on the “why,” and have written a list to remind myself of the problems about the place. I know I told you about my list, but I figured I’d share with you a few strong points on my move inspiration list.

  • There is literal shit in my front yard from the sewer pouring out into the grass. No one has done anything about it for two weeks now, so the poo has melted into the grass and all that remains is the heap of toilet paper that was moved around by the lawn mower. As you can understand, this has topped the list of why.
  • The nails permanently in the carpet prepared to stab and stub at everyone’s feet. I had complained about the nails at least two separate times for a maintenance call and it seemed like they only put more nails in.
  • When we first signed the lease they warned us of a panties bandit that stole women’s underwear from the shared laundry room.
  • These laundry rooms are regularly used by homeless people as restrooms. I would also frequently find bugs or other peoples clothing that appeared during my drying  cycle.
  • They cut down the tree I picked this apartment for without any warning.
  • Anyone can walk up at any time and shut off your electricity. They may also whistle and linger around afterwards.
  • Our hallway is alarmingly creaky.
  • We have been infested with ants, termites, rats and bees.
  • I once cried and shreaked so much about my hamster being in danger of the fumes of a maintenance call that my mom got the leasing ladies to come save and babysit my hamster for the day.
  • The dishwasher was leaving white crap all over my dishes, so the maintenance man explained to me that a dishwasher is technically a dish sanitizer and that there was nothing that could be done.
  • Our sprinklers regularly break and become fountains that spray the cars in the parking lot or the roof. It’s a regular obstical.
  • I have killed three batches of roses trying to grow them here but our south facing windows kill everything.
  • I live above a chain smoker now and my vents have turned black but they tell me its impossible that it’s leaking into my apartment. Before them I lived above captain subwoofer who would explore his shitty talent at all hours of the night. He would sometimes get mad at me for making noise when I had to hammer down my carpet nails.
  • The volleyball court is a giant cat litter box.
  • We had 3 bikes stolen at this location and one pulled apart for no reason and lined up in a row for me to find in the morning. Our neighbor warned us because his car was just broken into recently and had all of his things stolen in it. I like to count the days when our new neighbors put out decorations for how long until it is taken.
  • Before the creepy rusty car we park next to now in the car port, there was a bright red car that had gigantic balls hanging off the back.

As you can tell, I have many reasons to leave this place. But I will say, it has never been boring. I hate moving but it will be nice to have a washer/dryer in my place. It’s been so much work prepping.

I hope to post more Chelso mow. And I look forward to seeing all your new posts!