Hello Maryanne!

I hope you week of travel went well. I had a week from hell filled with midterms that were hard and pointless and assignments that made me want to die. But I made it through my week and I am so happy that next week I have an easier week just filled with reading.

I hope to plan your trip out here soon! I have been surprising the desire to bother you all week about it but  know you are with your family and family means crazy.

I recently met up with my dad’s family who I don’t see very often and I got al little taste of family drama during the first 15 minutes. I think ti is so bizarre and interesting that you have full weeks with your extended family.

I really don’t have much to tell you, I used all my stories on that new podcast of mine!

If you type in Chellzybellzz on iTunes, it will appear, for some reason its not there yet but the new one, Eco-lazy will be on there in the next 24 hours or so. Here is the link to soundcloud though, Super fancy URL.

I think i need to stop eating sandwiches because everytime I do something super strange happens. I think I have been attracting strangeness. It might be because of all my weird face swaps I’ve been doing.

arnoldIMG_7293If my dreams fall through hopefully I can get work doing something you know like this.

I had a moment driving today where it just felt like the kind of weekend that if things were different you would be hanging out at my place in flag. Just the kind of loitering weekend. Where we would pal around and watch netflix. Or you and Chris would watch garbage why i worked on a project I would never finish. I miss you mow.

Have a lovely rest of your trip!

I loved your post!



Bad Mow is Bad

Dear Chelso,

My game has been atrocious and I apologize. It has been crazy as the leftovers of the move are still settling. I also understand it has been insane for you and send you good thoughts. Currently I am in Florida with family and it has been much like a group of dogs that have become overall too excited. There’s nowhere for that energy to go so they start losing their mind. I took pictures of my place before I left and wanted to give you a brief tour through my new place. Please keep in mind that this is the state it is in even with me spending time every day unpacking some since the move. Letting me know I have too much stuff in general. Also, please ignore the disrupted state it’s in/I am in.


This is my horribly messy room. The place let me pick a wall to be a color and I picked blue. On the floor is the heap going with me to Florida. I brought the inflatable travel pillow you gave me. It made the flights much better, since I was departing at 1am. I get ceiling fans it’s really cool. If you observe the left-hand corner you may find a tail.


I get a walk in closet! It’s really cool and a lot of shelves are too tall for me. I’ll probably end up with a stool permanently living in there.


I also get a bathroom! I am sharing though so I don’t hog cool resources acquired through moving. The bathroom wall mirrored cabinet is on a wall facing the sun, so lotion does curdle in it from heat.


This hallway leads to Toni’s room (on the right) and Taco’s room. Taco chose a blue room while Toni chose a red. I do appreciate the amount of light this place provides with all of the windows. The little closet to the left of the hallway is where the glorious clothes washer/dryer lives.


These are pictures of living room/dining room. They harbor the hamster stack and also the forest of tall lights that have not found a home in any room yet. As a group we voted for a green wall in living room.


Here is our door that doesn’t quick close right. It has trouble closing much like our old bathroom did. I have asked them to fix it but they’ve only seemed to have made it worse. I will ask them again, however remebering you with my old door, I am expecting you to fight with !y front door. To the left out of sight is a futon leaning against the wall with no frame to lay on. One day. And on that box on the floor us a modem that our internet provider gave us much grief over.


This is kitchen with its primary dweller caught on camera. I did ask if it was okay if pictures of her were posted to the Internet and she did sign the release form. So you know in case you were worried. The theme currently for my apartment is empty water bottles and boxes. I think I have fit to the theme well. Chelso I hope for it to look much better when your eyes lay upon it in person. I even have hopes of owning a couch at that point.

I loved your podcast and I look forward to the next one. I hope midterms don’t murder you and I also hope to post more as more things settle down!! It may seem that I hope for many things.

– Mow

Up Your Game.









Hmm. What is wrong with this picture? I have two posts in a row. Two whole posts. Where is Maryanne’s? Hmm. Where oh where.

If you responded to punishments I would definitely give you one. But you still have some acting weird to do, from like last year. I hope that is at least at the very bottom of your two do list.

Perhaps you are wondering where this sass has come from. It has come from putting out my second podcast in two weeks. I am the Queen of the internet. Like not even sort of. Like at all.

Your question will appear on the next one.

Adjusting back from spring break to school was rough this week. I like doing nothing. I wish I could just have made up candy crush and been rolling around in bored housewives money. But unfortunately that is not my life. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery though. That would be cool. I have to find away to stay focused. The trick was to put on Katherine Hiegel movies. They almost immediately disinterest me, and provide for adequate background noise.

I really hope in your next post you provide pictures to form a sort of mini walk through. I am excited to see your place, when I make my way out there eventually.

My podcast should be up on iTunes by now.  So you are welcome. Here you gooo, at least the link to soundcloud.

Much to do; but I do nothing

Hello, *insert Adele joke here*, itssa meeee Chelseaaa.

Anyway, Due to your slugliness, it has been a while since I have posted as well.

I am currently on spring break living it up by doing the great nothing. I have not done anything productive all week except for watch way to much tv. Like way too much. The Hulu-hu (thats what my mom calls it) has been keeping me busy. Mainly because my smart tv requires me to yell obscenities at it and hit restart every 40 minutes or so.

All of my reality show garbage has been helping me heal from the pain of a long distance relationship. I am totally addicted to Total Divas. They are all stupid but I’m addicted to pretty fit scorpio women, despite my orientation.

I did finally record my podcast. Finally after eons without doing one, its literally been months. So I had to reteach myself how to podcast. But I want to try to do more by just recording like ten minutes every day. I figure that is managable and it will help me retain stories. The last 15 minutes are the best of this one.

I had to stop because so many people kept knocking on the door to promote there gardening service. Also if you listen carefully you can here cell phone dings from my phone. I am a professional.

I decided to use my man picture as the album cover because at the end of the day this is what my soul looks like. Also, in order for iTunes to let me upload a podcast the picture has to be a certain size. My brain kept telling me that it was too big so I kept making it smaller and smaller, and it still wasn’t working. Then I realized that I am a moron and it was too small originally. So now it is a pixelly mess but I was too lazy to fix it.PODCAST LINK BELOW (will be availble on iTunes soonish, just type in ChellzyBellzz )

The biggest update is that I have been reading for so many people lately. I read chris roommate over Skype. It has been going pretty well. His roomate also thinks I’m funny which I think helps with the spiratual connection.

Anyway, I know you just want the podcast, so I’ll stop boring you with talking, or rather typing. Here you go, and thank you for being patient.

I typed in grumpy sunflower and this giant image is what happened. pvzgw_grumpy_sunflower_by_lacymooo-d9sjute.png



Hopping Down the Bunny Trail


Dear Chelso,

Surrounded by boxes and packing tape, my little cave hut presented one last adventure for us. Our downstairs neighbors (the ones who owned the car with the heavy set of balls hanging off the back) have always presented entertainment. I’m somewhat certain that at some point they had four adults living there, a teenager, a baby, and a couple of dogs in a small two bedroom apartment. Recently they had a bunny on their front porch that’s super cute that would just hang out with its grey pitbull pal. We would coo at it regularly heading up into the apartment. Everyone knew who the bunny belonged to.

A couple of days before we were preparing for the movers to show up, Taco called me and said, “there’s a bunny outside romping in the grass! What do I do???” At first I was positive she should toss it back into the porch, but she brought up the point that it had already escaped once, why wouldn’t it again? In fear of the bunny escaping into the city, I told her to get it in the cat’a carrier and keep knocking on the neighbor’s apartment until they got home. Taco ends up cuddling and loving on this bunny the entire day before heading to work at 3pm, where I got my turn to coo at it at 6. This thing was so cute Chelso. I’ve never wanted to own a bunny, but that bunny made me second guess what I’ve ever wanted in life. We finally got the bunny back to its owners and it turned out to be like 8 years old (I thought it was a baby!) and its owner had already posted a bunch of lost pictures all over the complex. Happy to have babysat a rabbit for a day and I had to share with you our little adventure amongst the chaos.

Moving was crazy, cleanup was crazy and a pain, and on the brink of a shingles outbreak I am so glad that it is over. Also dear lord the amount of stuff I own. I have gained a new drive to claw through and discard a large chunk of my things. I had not realized how much useless crap I had until I had to haul it back and forth a million years from car to location, over and over and over again.

I know you will love our new place whenever you come to see it! It is nothing spectacular or updated, but it seems to hold its charm no matter who comes through the doors. There’s enough trees and foliage outside that you can sometimes believe that you are not in the desert at all. Also apparently they do annual checks to make sure the plumbing is working along with heater/ac and fire detectors (in all of the time at my old place they never did that). And the best part? I haven’t visited a laundromat since February!

I am sorry to have been gone so long without posting! I am hopeful to get back into it now that things are beginning to settle and I have more ideas to post! Chelso I hope you are conquering things and that a podcast might be in the future!