Much to do; but I do nothing

Hello, *insert Adele joke here*, itssa meeee Chelseaaa.

Anyway, Due to your slugliness, it has been a while since I have posted as well.

I am currently on spring break living it up by doing the great nothing. I have not done anything productive all week except for watch way to much tv. Like way too much. The Hulu-hu (thats what my mom calls it) has been keeping me busy. Mainly because my smart tv requires me to yell obscenities at it and hit restart every 40 minutes or so.

All of my reality show garbage has been helping me heal from the pain of a long distance relationship. I am totally addicted to Total Divas. They are all stupid but I’m addicted to pretty fit scorpio women, despite my orientation.

I did finally record my podcast. Finally after eons without doing one, its literally been months. So I had to reteach myself how to podcast. But I want to try to do more by just recording like ten minutes every day. I figure that is managable and it will help me retain stories. The last 15 minutes are the best of this one.

I had to stop because so many people kept knocking on the door to promote there gardening service. Also if you listen carefully you can here cell phone dings from my phone. I am a professional.

I decided to use my man picture as the album cover because at the end of the day this is what my soul looks like. Also, in order for iTunes to let me upload a podcast the picture has to be a certain size. My brain kept telling me that it was too big so I kept making it smaller and smaller, and it still wasn’t working. Then I realized that I am a moron and it was too small originally. So now it is a pixelly mess but I was too lazy to fix it.PODCAST LINK BELOW (will be availble on iTunes soonish, just type in ChellzyBellzz )

The biggest update is that I have been reading for so many people lately. I read chris roommate over Skype. It has been going pretty well. His roomate also thinks I’m funny which I think helps with the spiratual connection.

Anyway, I know you just want the podcast, so I’ll stop boring you with talking, or rather typing. Here you go, and thank you for being patient.

I typed in grumpy sunflower and this giant image is what happened. pvzgw_grumpy_sunflower_by_lacymooo-d9sjute.png




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