Up Your Game.









Hmm. What is wrong with this picture? I have two posts in a row. Two whole posts. Where is Maryanne’s? Hmm. Where oh where.

If you responded to punishments I would definitely give you one. But you still have some acting weird to do, from like last year. I hope that is at least at the very bottom of your two do list.

Perhaps you are wondering where this sass has come from. It has come from putting out my second podcast in two weeks. I am the Queen of the internet. Like not even sort of. Like at all.

Your question will appear on the next one.

Adjusting back from spring break to school was rough this week. I like doing nothing. I wish I could just have made up candy crush and been rolling around in bored housewives money. But unfortunately that is not my life. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery though. That would be cool. I have to find away to stay focused. The trick was to put on Katherine Hiegel movies. They almost immediately disinterest me, and provide for adequate background noise.

I really hope in your next post you provide pictures to form a sort of mini walk through. I am excited to see your place, when I make my way out there eventually.

My podcast should be up on iTunes by now.  So you are welcome. Here you gooo, at least the link to soundcloud.


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