Hello Maryanne!

I hope you week of travel went well. I had a week from hell filled with midterms that were hard and pointless and assignments that made me want to die. But I made it through my week and I am so happy that next week I have an easier week just filled with reading.

I hope to plan your trip out here soon! I have been surprising the desire to bother you all week about it but  know you are with your family and family means crazy.

I recently met up with my dad’s family who I don’t see very often and I got al little taste of family drama during the first 15 minutes. I think ti is so bizarre and interesting that you have full weeks with your extended family.

I really don’t have much to tell you, I used all my stories on that new podcast of mine!

If you type in Chellzybellzz on iTunes, it will appear, for some reason its not there yet but the new one, Eco-lazy will be on there in the next 24 hours or so. Here is the link to soundcloud though, Super fancy URL.

I think i need to stop eating sandwiches because everytime I do something super strange happens. I think I have been attracting strangeness. It might be because of all my weird face swaps I’ve been doing.

arnoldIMG_7293If my dreams fall through hopefully I can get work doing something you know like this.

I had a moment driving today where it just felt like the kind of weekend that if things were different you would be hanging out at my place in flag. Just the kind of loitering weekend. Where we would pal around and watch netflix. Or you and Chris would watch garbage why i worked on a project I would never finish. I miss you mow.

Have a lovely rest of your trip!

I loved your post!



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