Florida Floriday


Dear Chelso,

Florida was beautiful and incredibly humid. I only straightened my hair once, since after that once I realized how futile it was to bother managing my hair. Once that was realized – it was loose waves and lazy baby-sitting. The little one had an ear infection and couldn’t go completely in the water, so I practically had a heart attack every time a big wave would come in to try to scoop him up out of the way. My arms became very sore very quickly, since he’s heavier than the usual furry 15lb pounds I’m accustomed to touting around. The water was warm and the waves brought me a new pair of sunglasses from some poor soul up the shoreline. The water also swept in flowers from some wedding up the beach and deadly jellyfish that seemed to peacefully deflate on the sand.

My cousin’s wedding was pleasant, beautiful, thoughtful, and fun. I really enjoyed how they decorated the reception hall with curtains and lights and was amazed at the details that were planned into it. I danced like a weirdo, drank lots of wine, and played bag toss with my nephews. It was a good time and I’m glad that I went. Although having gotten into the flow of work, it was really bizarre disrupting the norm. I was also exposed to lots of family germs and returned to the norm with a small cold that blew up into a hideous plague and I have been recovering since. A full 10 days later my throat has stopped being sore and my ears are finally clear. I can genuinely appreciate health currently.

I’ve also been feeling the same way recently, like some days feel like I need to get into my car and head to your old apartment to be a couch gnome there. Aaron tried out an old fancy car over the last weekend that was made in 1998, and when I sat in it I felt very much like I was heading toward you again. Apparently I associate being in ancient cars heading on a road trip to the place I went to most, which apparently was your couch. It was really amusing and made me feel like a me from the past.
Im excited for you to help me plan this trip and I hope you are surviving the tumultuous journeys of school. Talk to you soon Chelso-sama!!


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