This has absolutely nothing to do with cows

I apologize, I have given you so much grief yet I am a little late. But I have been crazy busy with silly assignments and law school things. Here are some big things that have happened this week:

  • Booked my trip to see Chris over Memorial Day
  • Am officially the Historian in my student government
  • I was asked to be a student ambassador for my University
  • Was offered an internship with the D.A.’s office
  • Got a 3.1 on my property midterm (which is a law school gold)
  • Wrote an additional 2,000 words of Watercress
  • Finally was able to find happiness and peace when it comes to a being a military s.o
  • Validated my psychic gift
  • Reached out to a friend’s passed great grandmother

So at least I have been accomplishing things. I haven’t been able to really do silly things so I am anxiously awaiting your arrival.  I have a couple of major assignments to get through but then you are here. So Stoked.

I also found out that I am going against the person who gave me that unspeakable nickname for my oral argument, I intend to slay.

I wish I had something funny or quirky to give you, but this week has been fairly intense. The planets must be treating me well.

Ooooh I was able to diagnose a person’s star sign with only knowing the following things about her.:

  • A bisexual scorpio man is hung up on her
  • She is mean to everyone
  • She is short

I’ll give you a second to make your own guess.

How about a multiple choice?

A. Aries

B. Libra

C. Cancer

D. Capricorn

I tried to pick options that you have some prejudice against of some sort, or haven’t cared to learn too much about them.

I think I was able to get it because I know how a scorpio male would see that type of female, which is why if you guessed C, you were correct.

I hope the multiple choice at least made this post interesting, or perhaps interactive.

Right Now, I’m swiveling in a chair in class 100% not paying attention. I should probably remedy that. See you later Mow! No creepy pictures today because I am writing in class and I don’t want people to judge me, for my weird google searches.

Love you forever and ever and ever, till all the pictures in the sky go dark.




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