Picnic Cube


Hello Chelso,

I hope you are surviving finals, I know you are fighting the good fight. I loved seeing you Chelso and experiencing more of your world and family that I have heard so much about. The wedding was gorgeous, the deviled eggs plenty, and there was seemingly no end to enjoyable conversations. Thank you for allowing me the honor to be your +1!

I have been having fun fitting Diaso products into my home. As you can see here, I have utilized my storage cube and have stuffed it as a time capsule of clothes. Upon embarking on my great organizing/decluttering campaign to demolish the obscene hoarding bug in me – I am finding that I have a hard time donating and tossing clothes I no longer fit into. All sources I have looked into advise to get rid of things that do not bring joy or are not used. So although these clothes have not been used in a long while due to my growing body, I enjoy them too much to get rid of them completely. I’m also convinced that I cannot gauge accurately how much I enjoy them since I cannot try them on to see how I look in them anymore. Plus the idea is really amusing to me that one day I lose enough weight to try them on and have a fun tossing party with my old clothes. So I have created a skinny-clothes time capsule with my silly Diaso purchase. This thing can take a lot! I was surprised how much I was able to squeeze into this thing.

· 7 sets of Jeans/long pants
· 1 sweater
· 2 dresses
· 1 bra
· 5 shorts
· 15 shirts/tops

A total of 31 articles of clothes (that I can remember, there are surely some I forgot). I am very impressed with this picnic cloth cube. What a weird and great invention. Everyone enjoyed the Diaso items I brought home for them. In the end, the silly tiny trashcan went to Aaron, and he likes it a lot. What is he doing with it? I have no idea – I’m not really sure what anyone is supposed to do with it. I’m also really enjoying those makeup wipes we got from there, although it does have a scent reminiscent of laundry detergent.

I hope this brings you a bit of amusement during your trials of the mind, body and spirit. I look forward to some Chelsea Mow #TruthorDare answers and other musings. Good luck! I’ll see you on the other side.