I am the Worst and WordPress Hates Me.

Dear Ms. Mobley,

I regret to inform you that I am the worst. August is approaching, and I have been meaning to post since May. I’ve written 1 million drafts on my phone but they some how get deleted.

I write you from in class, when I should be reading ahead, but whatever. I want you to know I care about this.

I have been crazy busy since April. Oddly I have seen you twice since I’ve posted. I’m hoping to see you in August so we can talk more about Frisbees and Ghosts.

I thank you for all the love you’ve sent me, and how you are always around to pick up my quick nonsense calls.

I’m excited for the future when things normalize again. You can start wedding planning with me, so we can make a wedding that would win any stupid TLC show, or maybe I can beg VH1 to bring back bridalplasty, and I can get minor surgeries like teeth whitening, or perhaps an ingrown toenail removed.

That’s what brides think about right?

I’ll always be indebted to you for showing me how to love difficult people. Instead of writing of weirdos at school I see their beauty in the horrible. I find something redeeming that makes me smile. When I meet a new person I think, What would Maryanne do?

I have so many podcast Ideas. LIke so many. Probably 3 podcast worth now. I’m going to make those happen so you can hear my musings no one cares about.

This post isn’t much and I’ll post again soon. Really soon. We are talking Sunday, Monday soon.

I love you and your Fooball.

Look at these Heathens..