I’m a frisbee in public kind of gal


This is a picture from a bar I went to that only had a women’s room and a unisex room. No men’s room only a sad urinal in the unisex bathroom. What a sexist bar.

I am also bad Mow but I too want you to know that this blog means a lot to me and so do you. As you know – things have been moving along as usual on my side of the world. My cat is fat and I am working.

August has a special place in my heart – because despite the summer being a bottomless pit of heat and cicada screams – there is something about August that brings out my favorite parts of summer. For my family and I it represents time together and celebrating and monsoons. I am finally nearing the end of my celebration month and my body is being filled with really yummy things. Soon I will have to return to healthy eating and reality. Although it’s not even the end of August yet and the Spirit store has planted itself next to my nearest Whole Foods. I have access to any and all variety of fake beard I want for 2 and a half months.

I’ve seen you very recently Chelso – but I already miss you and hope you are well. I’m planning out my next post on here and will deliver soon!


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