House Hunting… Kind of…

So I’m looking for a home to live in, and that’s weird. Because of all the perks I get from Chris, we are going to be able to purchase something to take shelter within. It’s nuts. I am looking at condos mainly because I need to be able to call someone to do the dirty work. If my lightbulb is out; I don’t want to have to go buy a ladder and a lightbulb. Right Now, we are in the process of adulting that involves waiting for someone to pre pre pre pre approve you. Basically, before a bank will look at you, you have to talk (x) amount of people until every type of credit check is exhausted. We’re doing that. It’s not my favorite thing, but its progress. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start actually looking at places, and this will start to be exciting instead of just a pipe dream.

Right now, I use the app. Really its taught me that all the houses on there look good because no one else lives in them. I was literally liking everyone because it is better than living above a garage. No offense to the garage. Today I saw a walk in closet that actually made me salivate. It was beautiful. I want to live in the closet, I don’t even need the rest of the condo. It’s kind of useless to look because we have no idea what amount they are going to give us, but it’s kind of fun window shopping.

I can’t wait to have some where for you to come and visit. It’s going to be fantastic. IT will also b nice to be able to sit down and do what I need to do and not have to drive somewhere else to do it. The kitties will be much happier. Which means I’ll be happier because spike won’t be yelling his discontent with me.

Well I have to get back to school, but this time it wasn’t a post about me not posting. That my friend is progress. Here are some pictures of a random word with “house” after it:



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