What Fit Girls Do


Dear Chelso,

Please tell me that you’re also looking into pickle house options. I cannot wait for you to get into a living space that is no longer a room above a garage – as I think that will most likely be best for all parties involved. I also think it’s fun to window shop because if anything it helps you really figure out what you like. I realized my opinion about furniture has completely changed prior to 6 months ago when I first had to think about furniture. It takes a while to decide what suits you best.

As my ship is sinking – I am looking into new things and reflecting on what my options are. Sure I will need to have a job to pay the bills, but now I get to consider maybe what I want to do now. Every day the supervisors are reminding us that anything could happen and that we need to be prepared for the worst. So I have paper bags in my desk and I’m tightening up my resume.

In the meantime I’m aggressively trying to work on my hand injury and overall health because this is the least opportune time to get sick. I find that it’s also very important to take care of yourself when everything is going under. I’ve also read so many fitness articles, I think I could write my own. So I’ve put together some of the great advice I’ve learned over the years.

Below are some easy ways to stay thin/fit when you have no time to:

-Try waking up earlier and getting in that cardio workout before the day begins. It really helps getting your blood going. It’s always a good rule of thumb to feel sweaty before getting the chance to shower.

-Keep your shower cold, they say it’s great for skin but also really helps with metabolism and detoxing. It also helps keep you awake after you were pretty sure you were going to fall asleep after your cardio workout.

-After you wake up, drink a large cup of hot water with lemon in it. Makes everything go through the body and wakes you up more than coffee ever could.

-Do some yoga in bed after you wake up. It helps stretch and balance the system. It also really helps to wake up.

-Keep whole cacao beans by your bed and eat them with your hot water in the morning. It jumpstarts your system and helps metabolism. It’ll help you wake up and feel energized.

-Try to make everything harder on yourself when you have a busy schedule – take the stairs whenever possible, park as far as possible from the entryway of your end location so that you get more steps in, and do some pushups if you feel like you have an extra 3 minutes in your day.

-If you squeeze your butt and abs at your desk, you can workout and ton while burning an extra 40 calories a day without your boss even noticing.

-Chew gum, that burns about 5 calories an hour.

-Hold everything near and dear hostage from yourself in order to complete workouts. Make sure you get in that mile run before you enjoy anything. Goals, goals, goals!

-Try to switch it up every once in a while. Put in some cardio work or some intervals to keep things so fresh because we don’t want to hit the dreaded plateau.

-Make it a game for yourself. Write a list of what you want to accomplish in a workout before you can treat yourself to an advacado.

-Remember to not limit yourself because of rumors. Running is not hard on the joints despite what several sources say. You can run at every age! Start simple and slow.

-Stay motivated with friends. Lure other people into trying to workout all of the time with you. The power of friendship!

I hope you have enjoyed my sage advice. I’ll write about more great tips later. Talk to you later Chelso!


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