7 Days of Deadly Sins

Today I decided that I needed to start working out again. I tend to decide this every week, and epically fail. Life is hard and busy, and I unfortunately can not convince my body to give me a break just this one semester. So, I have created what I am going to call 7 days of deadly sins.

I am going to confess all the things I have eaten(or not eaten) and all the times that I worked out (or sat on my ass).
Confession, and food diaries have always scared me. I usually end up omitting the part of the day where I open the cupboard and start eating anything I can reach until   I find something I actually wanted to eat.

I can not lie to you Maryanne like I lie to myself, so I thought a threat of embarrassment will keep me honest.
I encourage you to join.

However, you do not have to treat it as a health thing, you can totally brag about watching Netflix and eating bags of gluten free trail mix. I would love to read it. I am not sure if I am going to post every day, or at the end, but get ready.

Like most diets, the gods hear that you are trying to quit sweets so it starts raining free donuts from the sky. Best of Luck to you. Or not.

Here is what happened when I typed in bad habits:


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