Day 1 & 2


I’m going to make this a combo post because I am a bad Mow. I think I will also have my seven days be based on fitness and general productivity accountability.

Day 1: Sunday

Kind of good. Kind of bad.

I woke up at my parent’s and made myself eggs on toast. My mom ran out of the usual english muffins we use and I had to instead eat these Glutino brand english muffins that look like frozen corn puffs when frozen. It turns out they’re incredible and buttery and fluffy and all I have to do is microwave it for 30 seconds Chelsea. It’s moments like eating those muffins with a nice over easy egg on top that I am positive that I am living the dream. I did avoid putting creamer in my coffee though in order to make amends for the buttery delicious english muffins.

I proceeded to actually be productive that day and go through the heaps of applications involved with losing a job. After working on those things I realized it had been a year since I waxed my car and decided to get that out of the way. Turns out I know less than I thought. I putzed over to the local hardware store and bought the nicest looking wax and came home munching on popcorn. My mom quickly turned me around on my heels and came back me to point out that finishing wax and cleaning wax are two very different items. I did, however, make sure to not exit the store the 2nd time without a 2nd bag of free popcorn. I did have enough shame at the end to give my dad the last half of the 2nd bag.

The next two hours were used to clean and wax and vaccuum my car and bring it back to a presentable state. The labors of owning a white car. It felt like a workout after I was finished, and proceeded to get back to application process and munch on a bag of cashews.

After shopping – I drooled as my mom made my favorite meal: salmon pinwheels. I don’t know if I forced you to have some Chelso – but it’s salmon rolled up and baked with cream cheese in the middle. My mom only reserves it for “special occasions,”but tends to make it almost every time I visit these days. I would not mark my bimonthly visit that much of a special occasion – but I am certainly not going to stop her. I definitely had seconds of this very rich meal and have no regrets. None.

I lazily spent the rest of the night watching TV with my mom while I worked on physical therapy exercises for my hand.

Day 2: Monday

Worse than Sunday by a good deal.

I was supposed to wake up early and visit my dad and my favorite teachers on Monday but definitely woke up at 9am. I was also supposed to leave and head back to Phoenix by noon. By the time I was done with showering and making myself another helping of over easy eggs on buttery, fluffy, warm Glutino muffins – it was already 10 and my mom was going to come back for lunch around 11. I tried to be a little productive and dug through my closet there to find stuff to unpack and other stuff to get rid of.

For lunch I absolutely had two more helpings of salmon pinwheel leftovers. It was around this time that I noticed that I was nauseous and had an awful headache. I put back together the closet and packed up and prepared to get out of town. It was definitely around 3pm and I felt awful so I laid down and melted some before my mom found me and gave me medicine and tea. This somehow did the trick because after I got up and snacked a ton for dinner (turkey jerky and microwaved buttery, fluffy and delicious english muffins are nutritious, right?) I was ready to leave. 8pm, pretty much the same as noon.

But that turned into it’s own adventure due to hitting threat level midnight a half hour before I turned into my apartment complex. I was nearly all sweat by the time I got home, speeding but trying not to speed too much because I feared what would happen in my car if any more time was delayed.

Thankfully I made it home and two candles later the coast was cleared.

So my two days weren’t awful, but I definitely slacked on the second day and didn’t even do any physical therapy exercises. So I have to make up for that today. I probably need more raw cacao beans in my life at this current time, maybe take some cold showers and yoga in bed.

Look forward to your post Chelso!


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