Day 2.

I, by no means, should be able to call myself an adult.

Also, on Day 1 I had a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk from starbucks. I still got whipped cream, because lactose intolerance doesn’t include whipped cream.

Day 2 also began with a Pumpkin spice latte. This time I didn’t pretend that I care about my body. I got nonfat milk and whipped cream, and decided to deal with the consequences. Because of my poor eating habits from the day before, I decided to start the day with something hardy. I ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese. I love everything bagels. While the guy was ringing me up, I noticed he put in multi-grain bagel. (I don’t like multigrain or wheat bagels). I decided not to correct him because I don’t care that much, and we were having a pleasant conversation. He helps me daily, and I didn’t want him to think he messed up. Me, thinking I was being polite, ended up causing some trouble. Apparently, I got the last multi-grain bagel. The person in the drive thru wanted a multi-grain but ran out. Also, the lady behind me wanted multi-grain. I felt guilty because more often than not that starbucks never has the food item I want because they always run out. I realized now that I am part of that problem. In a sick way, everyone wanting that bagel made me enjoy it a little more, but at the end of the day it was a dry and flavorless bread flavored cream cheese serving apparatus.

For “Lunch” I went with Francisco to Quizonos. My stomach was still weird, and full from my coveted bagel, so I decided to bypass the sandwich and get more starbucks. This time I got a sparking sangria whatever beverage and a very old banana. My options were Green or Black. I chose black. So I really got half of a banana. I picked at it, like a microwavable meal that I didn’t pick out at the store;I ate the good parts and threw away the rest without much thought.

About an hour later, I got hungry. Very hungry. But my stomach was kind of upset, so I bought a sparkling water and twizzlers. I ate them all in less than five minutes.

I had Jersey Mikes for dinner. A sandwich consisting of turkey,provolone,bacon, avocado, mayo, and lettuce. I got the mini size which is about 6-8 inches long. I also ate a bag of jalepeno chips, and a large pepsi. I allow myself one soda a week. I made it count. It bit back, I had heart burn all night.

After I ate I went to Power Yoga. I usually go with Rene, but she couldn’t come last night. I felt brave enough to go by myself. It was not relaxing as I would like. The instructor was not very zen, and was getting mad at people being bad. Then she yelled at some weirdo who came in to stare at everyone. I also had a lady yell at me for being in “her spot” when she was 15 minutes late. Despite the lack of deep relaxation I sweated like a pig for an hour, and did yoga with the flexibility of a steel rod.

When I got home I ate one mini blueberry muffin for absolutely no reason. It was there, and my mouth was close enough to it. I also made some rasberry tea. I also cant remember how to spell rasberry.

In honor of me not being a real adult. Here is a picture of me, not giving any cares, looking way more mature at 10, than my diet is at 23.




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