Day 3 and 4 “Days of Shame”

I was a very very very very bad Mow.

I decided to do 3 and 4 due to the food I just inhaled, I need to post before the shame and threat level take me. Granted I deserve it.

Yesterday started off with a cup of coffee (plenty of creamer and a little cinnamon sugar) half a pumpkin bagel smothered in cream cheese and this weird fruit paste. It was called “Shine”, and it may have been some kind of organic beauty product. It was thick and kind of crunchy and came in the weird baby food pouches.

For lunch I continued to be bad. I had panda express. I got a two entree, I had orange chicken and mushroom chicken and ate every bite. Chow mein and rice were also present, but I only ate half (because dieting).

Then I hate 3/4 of a bag of  sweet chilli pistachios. They were delicious.

For Dinner I had a heaping bowl of spaghetti. Yep. Then heartburn.

That concluded my eating.

I went to the gym and had a decent run/walk.

It wasn’t a totally horrible day but it wasn’t good.

This morning I repeated my breakfast from yesterday.

Unfortunately I sort of forgot about this for a little while and let myself succumb to the worst of the worst… I just binge ate taco bell.

I haven’t ever really been able to eat taco bell, but I stopped eating it all together in 2013. Recently, I have slowly been reintroducing it back in my life. I’m not really sure why. But sometimes I see a taco bell commercial and I just want to be a cool kidz.

I ate dorito taco, a crunch wrap supreme, and nachos. Oh yeah with a pepsi. I also ate it while I was in bed. Oddly, I’m not having a bad day, I just wanted it, and its cheap. I need to get my shit together, haha but that is going to be hard after eating taco bell.

If I eat anymore tonight I will surely post it with my next round. I doubt I’ll be doing much eating, my body is going to die.

Fun Fact, I always type what i’m going to search before I actually search it. Today I am going to type in Bad Kitty, and hope nothing pornographic pops up:


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