Day 3?


I started off strong and ended on a weak note. I’m just kidding the entire day was bad.

I woke up at 8:30 and made myself some eggs and gluten free toast. It was a step down from the fluffy delicious Glutinos english muffins, but was probably a step up for my gut. I failed to be productive though, and instead sat down briefly to watch Toni play video games. Several hours later I was still doing this. I did manage to post and do hand exercises. I even took a break at lunch and made myself a plateful of double helping of salmon pinwheel. I made sure to eat it all at once to: 1. Make sure I ate it all in case it was the cause of my threat level midnight from the night before and 2. Be sure I ate it all because I’m a pig.

Sure enough, the salmon was the cause.

I did recover in time for dinner though – and went to this restaurant that is known for it’s pastry dishes. Since this is not an option for me – I got their sausage salad. It is almost a joke to call it a salad as this thing is practically all cheese and meat with a small bed of greens. I then draped the entire meal in their homemade ranch because it is really good ranch. I have no illusions of this being a healthy meal. But the real reason I suggested we go to this restaurant is that they have $2 ciders on tap on Tuesdays. The cider on tap currently is Pumpkin Spice and it is incredible because I’m incredibly basic. So I drank because I have nowhere to be in the morning and I filled my belly with sausage and fermented sugar water (2 of these).

I was a bad Mow and I’m hopeful today is not such a tragedy. One day of self pity is enough right?

You’ve also inspired me to maybe do Yoga this week. Maybe. But the fact that I’m debating it at all I will contribute to your post. I’m also hopeful your yesterday was more productive than mine. But I look forward to finding out!


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