Day 4


I’m trying to be good and incorporate protein into most of my meals so that I’m not loading up on carbs and sugars. My mornings tend to be stronger than my evenings it seems. I started off with my regular eggs and toast (it was something I had only on the weekends during work – now I can’t seem to get enough!). I also found some tiny potatoes my mom had sent with me for the salmon pinwheels and munched on them in order to “finish them up.” Once again I then resumed to my couch gnome duties and watched as Toni finished the game I probably would never be able to play again. But I’m satisfied with this fate if I get to watch her work through them. We have reduced ourselves to some Folgers coffee in the meantime because we are not above it and are hopeful that it will drive us to leave the world of unemployment.

Around noon I got off my butt and ate at this nearby place that has super yummy cheap Mexican food. I had two loaded tostadas and crawled back to my dungeon again afterwards. As my room became a massage studio and I waited for the rest of the rent to be provided, I kept myself busy by doing my hand exercises and cleaning up. That’s practically exercise, right?

I did do some hiking at the end of the day and prior to that got rent and the groceries, but I couldn’t get these things done without stopping at the coffee shop in the same plaza as the bank. I also couldn’t leave the coffee shop without a pumpkin spice latte because theirs reminds me of how Starbucks pumpkin spice frappuccino¬†used to be before they changed the formula years ago. I would’ve asked for a stack of whipped cream on top but this place is too hipster for whipped cream. Last time I made the mistake of requesting for some on my pumpkin spice latte and the kid said, “no.” I asked if they were out or something and he goes, “sweetie, we don’t ever have any.” Don’t call me sweetie small hipster.

This place also has open mic poetry nights and I’ve been hilariously tempted by the idea.

I then finished off my night after the hike with panic-eating cashews, gluten free pretzels and chocolate wafers. When left to my own devices it appears that most of my dinners turn into a collection of snacks. I’m also really amused that you have taken on Taco Bell despite all of your internal warnings against it. I’m also intrigued that even at 26 I have no idea how to portion control.

Today has started off pretty bad but I’m hopeful to make up for it later. Send me luck!



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