Day 5 & 6


I’m glad that we have done this Chelso, as I have been lying to myself believing that I have been being a good Mow since I have stopped Whole30. Writing it all down has been horrible proof. It has also been proof that without a schedule I am a mess. Apparently I need structure.

Thursday Day 5:

As the bank had put the wrong apartment name, I had to scramble to get a new cashiers check with the correct name on it. I rushed over there before breakfast and got there right after the internet told me they opened. The internet was wrong though and we were there a half hour before they really opened – so we cruised over to the hipster palace of coffee shops and I got an iced Americano in order to be frugal with both calories and money. It still ended up being almost $4 so I really should’ve just given in an got the pumpkin spice latte (this place is to hipster they don’t even have prices listed on their menus).

I returned home a monster and Toni let me have two of her gluten free pumpkin waffles. I put eggs on top of each and covered them in maple syrup it was delicious Chelso. I didn’t even feel that bad for doing it because the 2 waffles were only 200 calories. Video game watching was resumed once more while I did hand exercises and for lunch I had this spinach souffle microwaveable meal. It was not very good but it was also only 200 calories and pretty nutritious so I worked through it.

Around 6 I rose to the occasion and went for a yoga class. It is a class that always promises stress relief and a workout so it’s my favorite. I’m never flexible enough for any of the other classes. This one is just right for my incredibly stiff ligaments. I dedicate the workout to you Chelso as I would have not otherwise.

Dinner was a trip to the Whole Foods salad bar and I was under the impression that I had actually been really good all day when a faint memory came back to me of earlier. As I had briefly attacked my closet in hopes of organizing a bit – I came across my bag of swedish fish I had brought back from my work drawer and absolutely took two hefty handfuls out and stuffed them down. Just a midday helping of a lot of sugar. I even felt slightly feverish afterwards and was confused why. Combined with breakfast I was a little bit ashamed but was hopeful that yoga helped balance out the day.

Friday Day 6:

Started off the same with egg and toast for breakfast. I could clearly feel the ants in my pants and knew that there was no way an ounce of productivity was going to occur if I tried to stay home and do things, so Toni and I decided to change things up and be like our past student selves and go to the library to facilitate a work environment. But of course it was almost noon so we could not deprive ourselves of some sort of lunch and headed for the local brewery in downtown that we could share a massive pile of nachos. I was quickly seduced by their strawberry cider and convinced myself that surely a cider will help me with confidence to start applying. Maybe it did aid in confidence maybe it didn’t, but it did insert another helping of fermented sugar drink into my body to wash down the amazing short ribs and and cheese combination my poor guts were trying to digest.

I did actually work on resume at the library and briefly wondered how much you could figure out about a person if you watched them work on their resume in a public setting. We spent two hours there and then made our way over to Target to see if they had a few things we needed. It was here, Chelso, that I finally remembered that I need to replace my lumpy pillow and bought a nice pillow. So when you visit next time I actually have a nice pillow for you to use instead of the sad selection I had before. My brain never realized it could buy pillows I had never seen a pillow thrown away I guess.

But that was the end of my productivity and for the rest of the day I binge watched Broad City with toni and ate chocolates from Trader Joes in the shapes of pumpkins. For the record, none of the chocolates were actually pumpkin flavored.

Chelso this week of sinning has been very much full of sin. As today is the final day, I am certain it will also be bad as we are going to the Oktober Fest later. Many sausages and ciders are in my future. This has been quite an eye opening experience Chelso, and I have come to terms that I have been blatantly lying to myself thinking that I’ve been healthy.



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