The Final Day of Sin


Day 7 – Saturday:

This was truly a finale in regards to being an awful person and spending a lot of money on being an awful person. The day started out as usual with my attempts of being reasonable with food by eating two eggs on gluten free toast and black coffee. This was followed by a lunch of chicken salsa mix with half of an avocado. Sounds almost healthy, right?

Then we grabbed an Uber and shuffled over to Oktoberfest – where I immediately got a cider. Loud country music was playing and the place was filled with drunk college kids. Cider was quickly followed by a bratwurst covered in mustard along with flavored potatoes and sauerkraut. I’ve never had sauerkraut in my life but lied that I had a lot when I was a strange lying 8th grader. Now that I’ve officially had it, the taste was good like a heap of pickles. I really love pickles though so sauerkraut was fine.

My eyes got filled with stars when we all noticed that fair rides were at the festival and Toni, Aaron and I immediately bought $25 pass for unlimited rides. The first thing that caught my eye was a spinning ride that flipped upside down and had bright lights. It was called Spin Out, and much like a bird attracted to a shiny thing I ran up and sat in one of the empty seats. Once the ride started the first thing out of my mouth was: “Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?” The picture I have supplied really depicts what this ride is about.

The match of cider and pickles is not really one to be married and even less of a pair to toss around in the same space. I spent the next three rides throwing up next to the ride while I held all the things. I finally got my composure after the third ride I “watched” and demanded we all go on a Ferris Wheel because I had never gone on one before and I had bought my $25 unlimited wristband, damnit. The line had become insane because the festival was finally picking up pace around 7pm but we waited the half hour and got on it. It was gorgeous and terrifying. I did not know how scary Ferris Wheels are they shake and you’re trapped for like 20 minutes in this small bucket with like one bar that goes across you to keep you “safe.” But I accepted that this was going to be the end of me and it was a gorgeous night to be in the air.

Toni and I got on this ride only kids were getting on but was definitely not as “kiddy” as it appeared. I got nauseous again but not as bad because there was no more pickles and cider in my belly. So to gain some composure – Aaron and I shared an ice cream bowl covered in espresso and debated what to do with the rest of the night. We discovered we wanted to Ferris Wheel one more time and got back into the larger line. It took twice as long to get onto the ride but we watched several shrimpy men and massive men win the strength game where they smash the scale with the mallet. After the Ferris Wheel I figured it was a perfect ride to end our time at Oktoberfest and was heading out when I realized I had become hungry from having emptied out my stomach from the first ride. So on the way out I ate another brat and a pickle.

Chelso I have learned that if I go to the fair and want to actually enjoy any of the rides I need to not eat or drink beforehand. I also learned that you need to get on the Ferris Wheel when you first get to the fest because it will be lots of time and energy if you prolong it at all. Thirdly, I am definitely a pig. I ran a mile today in hopes of combatting the inner pig in me. I loved doing this with you Chelso and I hope you enjoyed reading my struggles just a little.



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