The End of My Failure. Oops

So, I totally fell off the wagon. I blame the bumpy road called shame. So after I had taco bell, I had two chicken egg rolls, weird chicken nuggets, and a cherry turn over.

The next day I had a pumpkin spice latte, again. Another Cherry Turnover..(I have a problem.) I then had Pho for dinner.

I don’t remember what I had after that but it wasn’t good for me. Whatever it was it was bad and greasy.

I definitely did not work out.

So… to satisfy the requirment I will tell you what I had yesterday. It did not get better. I may as well live in a vending machine.

Yesterday: I had Del Taco: I had a del beef burrito and a chicken quesadilla, and a giant gatorade. Later I had I think five “brownie bites”, easy mac, fruit snacks, and another one of those gross sippy smoothie things.

Today: I had a pumpkin spice latte ( a venti) after already having one cup of coffee that was mostly creamer. I also had a plain bagel with cream cheese. For lunch I had a salad, from costco which was only 280 calories. Then in class it was our professor’s birthday, and someone brought cake. So I ate it without shame. I had the first slice. I am an animal.

It is no surprise…. I wrote this over a week ago and it deleted half of what i was saying. Ultimately I got sick again, but I survived it. This is sub par, but i wanted to post something. I also typed in “Fail Cat” into google images. I was in class but people were staring at me, or it felt like they were. I didn’t see any of these up close. So here you go.



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