Dearest Chelso Mow,

As you know, I have had this word in my mind pretty much the next day you wrote your post. It took me all that time to actually put it into words. My word is ‘transmitten’ – which is not a transgendered mitten (although I want to make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with a transgendered mitten).

Transmitten is supposed to be the combination of transmitting and smitten because there’s nothing more annoying than a person trying to “throw some shade” on someone via the internet. “Smitten is related to the verb smite, which comes from the Old English smitan, meaning ‘to hit, strike, beat.'”* Usually this is in terms of love or admiration but I feel like this is also appropriate for being beaten over the head with someone’s smugness.

In light of the recent political bubble for the 2016 election, I have found almost limitless resources for transmitten material. In many ways I would say that this the highlighted age in which you can easily, smugly, and publicly post hatred towards someone and their opinions in the most obnoxious manner. I don’t know about you Chelso, but it has driven me up the wall. Even in terms of the non-political, it is so annoying to me to be exposed to posts and pictures depicting humble righteousness. It’s a hate culture I don’t frankly understand. I even like to troll but these acts are beyond trolling or sarcasm it’s just garbage.

As I told you before – I don’t even necessarily like Trump but I can’t stand the hate posts created to shame him. From the world of ‘nice guys’ all of the way to conspiracy theories, transmitten memorabilia is everywhere. Maybe memorabilia is the wrong word for it – but its the clear smugness that comes off of these posts geared toward insulting something. That is what transmitten is to me.

Example of awful transmitten item:

What is this. I hope whoever made these feel better about themselves. No I don’t I hate this haha.

Example of what google images thinks a transmitten is:


I adore you to death Chelso and I know we are not there yet – but happy birthday my beautiful, fantastic, talented fellow Mow! I wish I could be there on your day! But I can live with sending you lots of love from my permanent station (my bed). Please try to enjoy the day and treat yourself wherever you can!

*I am not a savage – here is my definition source: