New Leafs – Turning Them Over


I grabbed one of my notebooks for the first day of work and opened the first page to this glorious masterpiece. It now starts every one of my days in training on a bright note.

Four days into new job and I realize that I hate sitting in traffic. It is about an hour extra in each direction. This turns my 40 hour work week into a 50 hour work week – plus whatever extra time I need to get ready ahead of time. I know many people who have suffered this fate every work day, but I have never truly experienced it until now. I might attempt to find other ways into work like the train or something. Although, I have heard that is where all the weird people lurk. I very much miss living 8 minutes from work and will very likely need to invest in an audible account soon.

But I am learning interesting things – and the view is nice. People from all walks of life are among my colleagues and our fabulous Gemini leader is moulding us to be what we need to be. I honestly haven’t missed being in school. I don’t miss the constant guilt associated with not doing homework 24/7 and I don’t miss the financial lean on my life or losing my mind at finals. But the training situation is making me realize that I actually miss school.

The elevator freaks me out and shakes as it goes up. I’m starting to be able to spot the claustrophobic people as they will hold their breath the entire ride.

On the note of achieving my New Years resolutions – I’m pretty sure one of my ukulele strings is threatening to rip. I have learned a sing song composed of four cords. Also I am very much struggling with rhythm and will eventually have to give in to a metronome app.

I would like to mention that yesterday was the second time (the other time being at your ceremony) that I have stabbed my own hand trying to get out the pit of an avocado. Sorry that this post is short but I will have a more cohesive post next round.

P.S. – I overheard some savage today at CVS talking about how she eats baby food for snacks.


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