New Year, Tired Mow.

This year has already been one of exhaustion. I’m hanging in there, by a thread but I’m here.

Also, I recommend using a spoon to get out the pit, a little safer, and works almost as well.

I am so drained emotionally, I don’t even know what to do with all this silly homework.

You know your school schedule sucks when you look forward to learning about child support.

My life has been dramatic, and I hate it. It’s fun for a minute but then the drama gets old and boring like some shitty Bravo reality show.

The only thing more dramatic than my life, are all the people who are still whining about Trump. I get that he’s a monster, but I want to move on with my life.

I also downloaded a virus on my computer; my exact thought process?

“I’m pretty sure this is a virus” *hits download* “yep, definitely a virus”

That’s how many shits I’m giving right now.

I’ve been thinking of new years resolutions and I haven’t been very successful. The only thing, I need to do is more crazy fun things for me. I need to do more fun shit. That’s my new years resolution.

Also, I officially am a homeowner.

I am also underwhelmed by Harry Potter Land.

However, when we were on the tour tram at Universal. I watched a four year old mistake a War of Worlds set (with an obliterated airplane) as Harry Potter. Needless to say, her parents can cash in her college fund.

Spike still hates the car and yelled for 30 minutes straight each car ride I took him on.

Bartoc legimatelly missed Chris.

It’s week 2 at school, and I want to punch so many babies.

Also I think “Ew pro-lifer”. too much now because of you.

I have so much to update you on but I am so busy, I can’t even process it.

Talk to you soon,




P.S. Sorry no new pictures this week.


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