Things I like about Cats

Dear Maryanne,
I decided to do something ridiculous for this post; since my life is a nightmare that doesn’t end in a satisfying way, but rather me waking myself up with undiscernible noises and in a puddle of my own drool, I decided to do whatever the fuck this is about to be.

Today I was parking my car in front of my house, and I had the pleasant experience of watching the weird stray cats in the neighborhood. They are all giant, scruffy, and mean to everyone who isn’t the old lady across the street.

They always glare at me, like somehow I have personally offended them with my existence. I hate them, kind of. I also want them to like me. I try to appreciate them when I can. Today when I was pulling up, I watched a large fat hairy black one try to jump on top of a 6.5 foot wall. It wasn’t graceful, he got his stubby little arms up there, and had to drag his fat kitty butt up the wall. It took him two ties to do so. Oddly I appreciated it more, than just being a farce comedy bit. I respected that cat because he had no kitty shame. He didn’t give a fuck, that he was fat and was going to make a fool of himself. Maybe he thought no one was watching. Maybe he isn’t even aware that he is fat. Either way, I admired him for his little chubby audacity and bravery.

Yes, I am writing this instead of my homework. Oddly this was more interesting.

Another interesting tidbit is that I kind of hate writing the blog in public. Mainly because I name them something stupid every time. Everyone in this coffee shop, thinks im some weirdo with no followers (true) that wants to tell the world about why she likes cat, (still true). However, I think that they think, I’m writing about little jelly bean toes, and whiskers that grow out of eyebrows. If only they knew i was fat shaming a creature 1/2 my size. I say 1/2 because he really was a large cat.

It’s no secret I need more levity in my life (like that cat) so I hope this made you smile a little bit or something. It’s not much of a post, but its something. I figure a little peer pressure would help you out a bit. I admit that sometimes I write mine just so you might say, “wait, what, already?”

So for this week’s random picture accumulation, I decided to attach the most random pictures in my photo library. I hope you do the same. Enjoy:



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