In Progress…

Dear Maryanne,

I am the worst. I am in the process of getting people to answer my question but it is hard to get people to want to be on camera. Since I convinced by siblings to do it, I didn’t want to have three people not be on camera. It just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me.  I might resort to random people who kind of horrifies me, but I’m all for facing my fears… I guess…

School is gross, Life is gross but every once in a while I meet people who remind me that I can shape the reality I want. Which can be a life changing concept to grasp as well as absolutely horrifying. This story is much better in person, and maybe I will include it in the video as punishment for taking so damn long. Long story short: my new neighbor (who is moving in two weeks) is part of a Western reenactment troupe. She even introduced herself as Allie Urp. Her life is a western and her problems include bandits and sabotage. It was maybe the most horrifying and spectacular person on this planet. She also warned me that the guys that tow the cars there are thugs.

I am partially posting to avoid any further punishment. If I am being real, but I am working very hard sort of. I might have to just say the results and not show them, I don’t know. I’m a lawyer I guess I should have them sign a waiver.

As I write this I am experiencing threat level midnight. I am in the school library and don’t want to leave my stuff unattended, and I am afraid if I leave this WordPress will delete it. Which would upset me for obvious reasons. I have so many stories to tell you.

I have so many stories I should really record a podcast for you again so I’m just going to make a quick itemized list.

  • Western Lady
  • Mr. Lawyer Jokes
  • Hipster Fashion Douche

I love you very very much and will post more this week once I finish my project/punishment.

Best wishes to you and all the kitties in your life,

Chelso the Procrastinator


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