*UPDATe* Itsa me CH3lZo ! Wut.

Hello Mow this is Mow.

Boy oh boy have I been busy and it is almost in the good way. I have had the most exhausting week filled with the most obnoxious people, and I can only help but feel sorry for anyone that has ever had contact with me, because dear god my people are annoying.

I am so thankful that you spent your monies to come see my last weekend it was a needed calm before the storm. My nailpoish is almost hanging in there, but my increase in typing has not helped my manicured mitts.

I honestly have no idea what to talk about this week and I admittedly am lacking direction for this post, but I figured I should give you something to hold you over until I come up with something worth posting.

Here are some things that are new with me:

  • In other news, I am peeling like a snake or a banana, or whatever else peels.
  • I also drank 130 ounces of water today, which is a new personal record.
  • I had to put post its in my planner because of all the planning.
  • I filled out my desk calandar with things.
  • I now drink on average 4 cups of coffee a day.
  • I have a cat tape dispenser.
  • I randomnly cry due to happiness.
  • I finally can do two miles in six minutes on the spin class bike.
  • I stopped stress eating.
  • I have gotten 6 new dragons this week.
  • I regularly usedcoasters
  • Two of the people I talk the most to at school are libras
  • I updated my computer when it first asked me (well almost)
  • I typed up my notes
  • I put the shade up in my car
  • I finally showered
  • I started sleeping heavily
  • I started using my glasses case
  • I started using my new mouth guard ( but still spit it out every night out of hatred)
  • Did all my laundry
  • Ate four subway cookies
  • Ran from 15 demon beetles (at least)
  • Made a playlist that didn’t have a wildly inappropriate name

Well I apologize for not rising to your challenge of the 5 gum excercise, I bought 5 game but it wasn’t the right one I guess. However I will welcome in a questions you throw my way, or anyone throws my way for next week! I hope all is well at the work place and I think of you often in a perfectly non-creepy super platonic way. ILY ❤

P.S here are some more random pictures from the internet
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